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  1. Looks like he wasn't having the same issue.

    The problem I have is all my content is loaded down in a single string of HTML data, which includes the iFrames, so I may have to manually pull out that...
  2. I have to use Vimeo/Youtube, as that's what the content currently uses - will see if I can find that other solution.
  3. I have an issue with Vimeo and YouTube iframes loaded into HTML xTemplates that if you hold down and drag over them, they drag the whole application (titlebars/tabbars and all) up/down with your...
  4. Doesn't seem to work on Android 4.2, this is a picture from my Nexus 7.

    All garbled text, it works great on iOS and on my desktop browser though.

    Any solutions or workarounds? Great framework...
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