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  1. Same problem, MT01 have you a solution?
  2. Exactly same problem here :(
  3. This store isn't bound to a datalist.

    The datalist is bound to other store called "X". When I have going to load "X", in controller, before load, I call to AuthTokenStoreId for get token, then...
  4. Yes, I have defined a store:

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',

    config: {
    model: 'XXXX.model.AuthToken',
  5. It doesn't bound to the list. This localstorage is for save API token
  6. Any help with this, Mitchell?
  7. Looks the solution for me was deleting "@include sencha-loading-spinner;" line from default-theme.scss
  8. Same problem.

    If I add a breakpoint in API or I add a alert in "refresh" event of store, then works.
  9. Access to localstorage is in a controller after do login.

    Login view -> Login Controller -> access to local storage -> loading mask showed -> first view of my app (a list).
  10. Replies
    Same problem here with Sencha Touch 2.1
  11. Hi,

    I need turn off loading mask for a localstorage proxy.

    I tried with "setMask(false)" and "loadingText: null" without success.

    Can anyone help me?

  12. Same problem here. I don't know what happen. I set totalCount, but when storeFullyLoaded is called totalCount is null
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