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  1. The introduction tutorials are quite buggy (at least for the beginners). For instance by following this tutorial step by step you will never success. It is not saying that you first need to define...
  2. now the js-file is attached
  3. Hi there,

    On this page there is an example (Chapter 2. Configuration (the new way)). This example seems to doesn't work...
  4. Hello Sencha Team,

    congratulations to Ext 4 release.

    Please enchance Sencha Touch with Chart and Grid capabilities. Can it be expected in 2011?

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    Hello fay,

    thanks for you reply. Indeed, I plan to develop in Sencha touch but currently I am playing around with the basics of Ext JS. Therefore you post is very valuable for me.

    Thanks and...
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    Hello Community,

    I know, this might be a stupid question, but since I am very new in Javascript and Web-Development I hope you understand.

    Is it a common way to keep the Sencha library in a...
  7. jeah,

    problem solved. The issue is the buggy code on this site . Maybe is has worked in the past but then never updated.

    Solution: the...
  8. Hi all,

    I am new to Sencha but very impressed from the approach of a crossplatform web-development for mobile devices.

    The introducing docs are also very clear and after some reading I managed...
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