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    I take the border layout from the examples and put a grid panel into a tab,
    the grid panel is not scrollable.
    is this a bug or am i doing wrong?

    My TabPanel:

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    hmm, not sure, but maybe this will help you:

    first, when u copy a node, i think you select a node in your tree?
    if so, u can do sth like this:

    var tempNode =...
  3. puh, take long time, but finaly i got it.

    here it is:

    test = function(){
    return {
    init: function(){
  4. yes, if i define my grids in one file it works,
    but my problem is, i want to define my other grids in a separate file, cause
    when i define them in one file, it will be too much lines of code.
  5. question:

    before i can call the updater,
    var update = testPanel.getUpdater();
    update.loadScripts = true;
    url: "http://localhost/grid.htm"
  6. @Animal: first, thx a lot for your fast answer, but...

    i tried to add a component, but its always the same.
    the grid from my other file that i load with the updater wont fit to the centerpanel.
  7. Hello Ext-Community,

    i am new to Ext and play around with 2.0 and now got a problem...
    sry for my english, maybe there are some mistakes, but i hope u can follow me.

    here is my problem:
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