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  1. So after a bit of poking and massaging things, I figured it out... the root should be Memberships.MembershipSummary, and it works!
  2. Hi all, I've got a small problem I'm encountering when trying to populate a JsonReader for use in a grid. I'm consuming an XML web service (converting XML response to JSON in PHP using...
  3. Yep...I figured that much out on my own. My question was does Ext support a native method of building and submitting XML?
  4. I can't do it that way because that would involve changing the public interface of this service, which is in use by a number of our other customers.

    As I mentioned, it is a SOAP service -- is...
  5. I have a function on my web service that I've written (server-side is ASP.NET SOAP web service) that takes a string and a non-primitive type as arguments. I wrote the function this way a year and a...
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    Nobody knows how I can do this? Can you use anchor tags in the toolbar?
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    I have a page in my application that has a toolbar that I want to have display a series of 4 text boxes. The far left, and 2 farthest right boxes should have fixed widths, and I want the 4th...
  8. I can't believe I did that...I feel like a dolt now. Fixing that took care of it..thanks for spotting that typo evant!
  9. I've got a window set up which contains 4 tabs -- the first one works great, has a grid and a FormPanel side by side in it. Second tab I just started laying out, and it should eventually have...
  10. I don't know quite what I did, but I was poking around in my toolbar.js file and changed the way I was returning the Toolbar object, and it works now. Thanks for your help Tim.
  11. I found this thread:

    and I've tried the suggestion that Jack gave -- using
  12. If it helps, here's the toolbar.js file I'm using:

    var BookToolbar = function() {
    var selDate = new Date();
    var dateMenu = new{
    handler : function(dp,...
  13. D'oh...that's an obvious mistake...fixes the tab position issue.

    Any idea why my toolbar isn't showing up though? I can change the way I access the grid -- removing the function() from GetResGrid...
  14. So I have the start of an Ext app, which currently consists of a modal login window, BorderLayout, a Grid, and a Toolbar that I want to display at the top of the GridPanel in the Layout.

  15. Augh...that doesn't want to work with my web service -- I'm returning XML from a standard ASP.NET Web Service. My XML Error Reader can see the node I want to get to, but I can't seem to make it show...
  16. Thank you! That is exactly what I was looking for.

  17. I've got a login form working great right now. login function also returns a UserID value that I would like to grab and store in a variable in my javascript. How can I do that in the...
  18. Aha!! Got your web.config file you have to add this section:

    <add name="HttpPost" />
    <add name="HttpGet" />
  19. I just ran into this same issue... my web service is written in .NET 2.0, and I've seen posts floating around that you can call it like this:
  20. Figured it out...I didn't specify the right name for the combo box in its config section. I set that properly and it works now. What I get for coding at 11:30 at night...
  21. I've got a form inside a LayoutDialog. This form loads its data dynamically when a row in a grid is double clicked. Most of it works great, but one field, a ComboBox, does not select its...
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    Thank you so much for your help...I think I'm off to the races. Cheers!!
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    1,819 works great! Next question.. can I have the ContentPanel tabs on the top of the panel, or do they have to be on the bottom?
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    No, no reason...other than I'm new to the framework and didn't know about them...I'll take a look and see where that gets me.
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    I am trying to use setHeight and setWidth to resize a grid when the user resizes their web browser. I've got them inside a handler for the onWindowResize event, and it works beautifully in Firefox. ...
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