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    I'm getting similar results with the load time. I'm not sure if you have tried Yahoo's Yslow.

    Its reported that the Expires: header isn't working so the browser is reloading all the javascript...
  2. I use disable () and enable ()

    While the popup is open, the stuff below gets grayed out. Then you enable it when they press cancel or close.
  3. location.href = 'userData.php';

    works perfect, thanks for your help

    It was a noob question as suspected
  4. I use a single selection model table, and to get the ID of the row they selected I use

    var id = tablePanel.getSelectionModel ().getSelected ().data['id'];

    This checks if none are selected

  5. I have a nice big extjs project going and I'm enjoying it very much. I've had no luck searching for an answer to what seems like the most noobish of questions. Heres my extjs code

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    How do I debug whats going wrong in my JsonStore?

    Here is my Json:

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