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    It can be usefull to have SingleSelect Working.

    Tested on Ext 3.3 and works fine, but SingleSelect isn't used.
  2. For Ext 3.3 users please this thread can be usefull :
  3. I found where the problem is :

    Ext-all-debug.js in GroupView definition line 50816 :

    processEvent: function(name, e){, name,...
  4. I got the same issue, if I found something, I will post here. (If you found a fix, please post it ^^)
  5. Thanks for all your replies. I will try this fixes and give my feeback.
  6. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.3

    Adapter used:

  7. Thanks a lot Condor, I didnt notice it :x
  8. Hi,

    I Have a problem with Xtemplate under IE 7.0, and all my investigations to found why didnt match any result.

    Here is my code :

    var tpl_toolcontact= new Ext.XTemplate(
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    I follow your library from September, and I get surprised in every release :)

    THANK YOU Jack !!!

    Karim CHEBANI
  10. up :)
  11. I see an error occuring on this example:

    When you minimize the Navigation board and you click to slide it, click on the maximize button and it will disappear.

    Here is wwhat firebug says :

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    I have click on progress Dialog and then hit escape.

    If I click on another button, it appears but it continue to display the progress dialog text until the end and it close the message box even if...
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