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  1. Will this bug be solved in the next release ?
  2. Hi,

    Is there any news on this issue ?

    To clarify my problem: compositefields in 3.4 have a "name" config and have value setters and getters, like any other form field. Up to me to override...
  3. Hi,

    Being confronted with the missing beforeselect handler in Ext 4, I came across your post which was very helpful to me.
    However, for your second issue, you can use the beforeselect handler in...
  4. Replace with store.getUpdatedRecords()

    Attention: only updated records are included, not new records (as did Ext3 getModifiedRecords)
  5. I regret that there isn't an equivalent method of Ext3 's getModifiedRecords, because it suited perfectly for me, having everything changed (new and updated) together.

    I guess I'll have to write...
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    Thanks, Russell, that works fine.

    The handle to your treestore can be provided by:


    By the way, if you need to do more after loading, the options config for the load...
  7. I'm looking for the same information, more specific the name of the grouped column.

  8. Hi,

    Any idea when compositefield will return to API ?
    Outside forms, there is no problem, fieldcontainers can replace them.
    But I use compositefields quiet often in my forms, and there...
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    Is there a way for padding (x/y) the first serie data point so it doesn't cross x (or y) axis ?
    Something like the xPadding and yPadding configs for column charts.

    By the way: the example...
  10. Great component !

    Is there a way (method?) to have all items being selected at once ?
  11. Hi,

    Is there a listener telling me when a user selects/deselects the header checkbox in a grid with a checkboxselectionmodel ?
    Since selecting it will fire a 'selectrow' event for each row in the...
  12. Thanks a lot, Animal !
  13. Hi,

    I want to do some things dynamically when expanding a collapsed panel in a borderlayout panel.
    Apparently the expand event only fires when clicking on the double arrow, but not when clicking...
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    Works nicely in Google Chrome, but not on my iPhone (old 1.1.4 version)
    Maybe I should wait a month when I'm planning to buy a 4G.
  15. I just tested with [3.1.1-rc] and I'm still facing the same error...

  16. Hello,

    I'm testing a FormPanel and got a bug on window close, I think it is some naming collision.
    Reduced my code to the core problem (to be tested in an Examples subdirectory):

  17. I'm having the same problem.
    So in an effort to avoid deselecting selected rows when clicking on a row, I adapted the checkboxSelectionModel config with :

    checkOnly: true

    But that didn't...
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    Without taking space, that is :

    new Ext.tree.TreeNode({text:'Whatever', cls:'my-custom-icon-class'});

    .my-custom-icon-class .x-tree-node-icon {
    display: none;
  19. I added an empty line to my datastore.
    Selecting this empty line in the combo box clears everything well...which corresponds with the <select> behaviour.

    Example :

    {'people': [
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