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    Ext version tested:
    Sencha Touch 2.2.0-b1

    Browser versions tested against:
    Chrome 25

    Since ST2.2.0 is the ListPaging docked to the top instead of
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    It holds the original data (before filtering and stuff). That's it's one and only purpose.
  3. It`s still not fixed after a year? Don't mean to pry or anything and that's maybe just my experience with Zend Framework's LongTermSupport, but is there any chance this will be fixed anytime soon? Or...
  4. How exactly was your ">" part broken? We have simillar issue, but the problem is that on iOS the arrow is slightly misplaced (like it should be 1px "higher" on top and bottom) - which creates an ugly...
  5. I have a fairly simple task. Yet it seems to be extremly complex to do in sencha.

    I have articles / videos / events. Each of them can have tags. I have a special JSON feed that sends me...
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    Aren't you overwriting you App definition in index?

    jobdeals.App = new jobdeals.App

    IMO it should be more like

    jobdeals.AppObject = new jobdeals.App
  7. Yes I tried that, but it threw many Invalid DOM state errors. It also seems that it's mainly optimised for typical carousel behaviour - sliding from one card to the next one - and it didn't work when...
  8. It's unfortunate, that carousel behaves as it does. You can't attach store to it. You can't event let it lazy-load from {x-type:'sth'} array. Only reason I'm still using it is that it's massive...
  9. Would you please share the code you use to load the images? The cardswitch is called AFTER the cards are switched, so I don't see how you can load the next. You also need to remove unused ones...
  10. Ah, thank you. I missed it because I was searching for "mask" :(
  11. I found this thread - but the proposed solution to set "loadMask : 'text'" does not work for Sencha lists. Any idea...
  12. Thanks. It works. I just needed to put it inside afterrender, so that the element is accessible. I created a flag on tapstart and remove it on cardswitch. Works really fine.

    Nevertheless it would...
  13. Pardon my dumbness, but can you please give me a code sample, how to attach such event to the element?
  14. As I expected. The touch event is not fired on carousel :( The bottom code works - audio is rewinded. The touch events above do not.

    me.player.carousel.on({ touchstart : function() {
  15. I'll try that. I tried to use the tap event on carousel, but it does not seem to work (tried listeners in config, el.on(), ...) - looks like the tap event is "stolen" by the carousel itself somewhere...
  16. I have a problem with carousel. I use it to display a presentation. There is an audio element. Based on the audio's currentTime (on audio element's timechange event) the slide is slided (i have...
  17. *DOH* Thanks a million! I was not able to track this down. I still can'twrap my mind arout this javascript feature that you can replace "method" with "member variable" :D Thx again :)
  18. The dispatch is in a listener (first part of code above):

    this.detail = new app.views.VideoDetail({
    data :,
    listeners : {
    el : {
  19. Strange thing happened to me today. The above message started displaying. I have a controller that list presentations. It has actions index (=list), detail and play (that plays the slideshow). I can...
  20. So there is no chance of this getting fixed?
  21. I tried to describe the problem on video:

    It happens quite often, when I try to click the back button and it's very distracting. It happens on all...
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    Yes, that exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.
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    The only small problem is that the onItemDisclose gets the disclosed record as parameter (and getting the record's id is trivial). Whereas itemtap gets: list, relative item id in list, item's HTML...
  24. I added itemSelector (on which items the select and disclose should work) to fix this, but it's not propper solution - for more info see...
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    Yes, it's perfectly clear :)

    It also explains why it didn't work before - because there were no items with that class :D
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