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  1. I downloaded latest Sencha Architect 2, and my antivirus automatically deleted it with this warning:
  2. Thanks friend, I guess needs a bit updating :-)
  3. I've been following the Getting Started with ExtJS 4, in the section about creating helloext application.

    I stumbled across the part when the Chrome dev console should shows:

  4. the AdobeAIR part is still trivial though.
    The main problem is how the communication flow between the extjs components to achieve those 2 requirements
  5. I'm planning to build an ExtJS client with AdobeAIR which communicate with a dedicated data center (PHP). The communication will be using REST web service.

    Basically, in the client (ExtJS):
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    Hi, I've been searching a reference about XMLRPC with ExtJS but none to be found. I use Drupal XMLRPC Service as backend.

    So far, I found this thread...
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