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  1. Hi ereyone,
    i had many problems with that, i need to show a window over other window (and that window was showed by other window), i attached a image so as i can explain it more clear.

    The first...
  2. i had try it, but in the second window works properly, but i need to use it on the third window, where that doesn't work....(using the firebug, i get error and say "this container is null"

  3. Thanks, i had try that, and didn't work....
  4. I add this pic so as i can describe what i want to do....


    I need to open the last window so as not be cropped with his parent window(second window), i need to see the last window like new...
  5. Hi,
    i'm trying to open a new window (EXTJS) outside another window(EXTJS), but when i launch it, it apears inside the first window and i can't move it outside the first window...

    My question is,...
  6. Finally i find a solution, it may be not the best but it works

    reset : function(){
    var btnCfg...
  7. Finally i find a solution, it may be not the best but it works

    reset : function(){
    var btnCfg...
  8. Hi

    I'm using Condor's override to reset fileupload fields it works but on IE during the process, remove and recreate field the button changes as...
  9. Hi

    This work perfect to me but from quality assurance departament have detected a little bug, during the reset process the button changes as the images attached. Have anyone an idea to solve it?
  10. OMG i love you
  11. I've removed every ext component just to have htmleditor alone, and IE is still changing my font and i'm going completely mad with this

    Now in my head i have:

  12. I'm still stuck with this, so please, please, please i beg for your help :(
  13. No one can help me? I'm going mad with this "simple" bug
  14. Hi!!

    I've got this simple code

    new Ext.form.HtmlEditor({
    id: 'content_doc_editor',
    enableFont: true, enableFontSize: true,
    fieldLabel: 'Descripción',
  15. Hi

    I've got a problem, I've migrated to the 3.0.1 and some of my HtmlEditor pluggins dont work on IE, because of "this.cmp.doc.selection" has been changed to "document.selection" so my doubt if...
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    I've got a problem trying to display hours, in da DateTime cell i've replaced t += v.format('Y-m-d'); for t += v.format('G:i:s'); because what i want to show is the hour and my excel crashes.
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    I'm stuck here, and i've seen that on ie7 i get a "Incompatible markup pointers for this operation" error caused by losing the focus from the main window, it may be the reason why it isnt display in...
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    I've overriden createLink from htmlEditor as this:

    createLink : function() {
    var r;
    if (this.getDoc().selection)
    r = this.doc.selection.createRange().duplicate();
  19. Thank u so much I've saw that you have overriden everything ¡Wow! But what about the pluggins? All my features are based on Ext.ux.form.HtmlEditor.Plugins and dont know how to addapt them to yours
  20. Could you post a complete example? Thats exactly what i'm looking for
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    I'm trying to do a multiline toolbar at an HtmlEditor, i'm using this but as u can see i'm having some problems.

    Anyway, i would like to...
  22. I've tried to solve it doing "doLayout" when my last HtmlEditor plugin is loaded, and also from firebug terminal when the editor is shown and it gets the new height but the toolbar is shown like...
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    But what i want is to interchange htmleditor functionalities with the pluggins i've added, I mean, i've got formatblock plugin and i'd like to put it next to htmleditor "enablefont" combobox is it...
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    Thank u so much, it seems to work perfectly :)

    But i have a little problem now, i have more pluggins and all of them keep showing when my toolbar grows and the functionalities pass to the >>...
  25. I get this values

    contentHeight =0,

    so nh=6 is it the supossed output?
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