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    This is my case, got email about upgrade pricing, went to site, filled in upgrade form, got e-mail "We will be in touch soon".

    That was a week ago, nothing since then. What gives?
  2. I realize that this idea is pretty useless now - but it would be really good if Sencha could base Architect on top of existing IDE platform, like Eclipse or Netbeans.

    That would bring in a lot of...
  3. Thank you for the reply. Is there any documentation for processConfig?

    From what I was able to gather, not really sure how that would help to create "custom" FormPanel (for example, with...
  4. Same here. And what's annoying me is that version 3.0 beta does not seem to be a major upgrade at all, so far it feels just like 2.3 and possible money grab.

    Problem with Architect is that it puts...
  5. And apparently after 6 months the problem is not solved at all.

    Mind you, it is a HUGE problem when building anything complex, as there's no simple way to do pre-configured forms, grids etc.
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