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  1. I don't have an answer to why params don't work anymore, but an alternative to this would be:

    store.getProxy().setExtraParams({filter : 'ACOSTA', field : 'NOMBRE'});

  2. Not sure why you need focus on the text field. Comments in code state that the text field is decorative only.

    Here is a hack, but it does cause a different render problem....
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    The default changed with Ext 5.x. You'll need to config the proxy's writer to send all data points. something like:

    writeAllFields : true,
    allDataOptions : {
  4. the 'locked' side of the view must have a fixed width on each column. On the other side, do not set a width/minWidth on the columns, just use flex. also add 'cellWrap : true' to the columns so the...
  5. I know Observable is intended to be used as a mixin. What is the benefit of doing the above, instead of extending it, especially if your new class is generic and not extending something else? The...
  6. Tagfield in this version has a lot of issues. Here is an update for the above override that also addresses an error seen when typing in the tag field:

    * Overrides.form.field.Tag
  7. See this thread's post:
  8. There are a couple of issues here with this. First the override I previously posted is flawed, but I use Ext 5.1.0 so I never came back to it. Try this override in your fiddle:

  9. Not sure, but maybe you need to call me.callParent(); before trying to reference me.el.
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    you could try:

    url : 'newUrl'

    Hope this helps.
  11. These are on the store's proxy. You should try this:

    var store = // get the store reference for loading
    var proxy = store.getProxy();
    page : 2,
    limit : 100...
  12. Well, according to the API for the Ext.selection.CheckboxModel you're not supposed to get a 'select all' checkbox in the header when a is being used.
  13. Per the API (!/api/Ext.util.Observable):

    A Ext.mixin.Observable subclass that is provided for backward compatibility. Applications should avoid...
  14. The extend should be (the 'util' class is for backward compatibility only):

    extend: 'Ext.mixin.Observable',

    The constructor should not be calling initConfig():

    constructor: function...
  15. oh, ok. You're example code does not show that the combobox is controlling the 'remote query' for the data. That is why I would think that the combobox itself would be using local query mode.
  16. Have you tried setting the queryMode to 'local' on your combobox?!/api/Ext.form.field.ComboBox-cfg-queryMode
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    Can you put an example in fiddle? Maybe the event isn't being attached to the button correctly.
  18. Just to note: If adding a panel dynamically using a configuration, it does render correctly.

    Example for the posted fiddle:

    xtype : 'panel',
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    How are you manually clearing the combobox? I couldn't reproduce the problem in this fiddle. It manually clears the field 2 two seconds after the select event triggers.

  20. Alternatively, you could add the 'parameters' to the component with the handler function. The component itself is always the first parameter of the handler function. Something like:

    items : [{...
  21. Have you tried giving the Panel (with the containers) a layout config? something like:

    layout : {
    type : 'vbox',
    align : 'stretch'
  22. Try adding a flex attribute to your field. This should expand the field to take up all available space not used by the other items. something like :

    var field =...
  23. From the API for the Border layout:

    Any Container using the Border layout must have a child item with region:'center'. The child item in the center region will always be resized to fill the...
  24. Add the custom pieces as items, each individually in its own container. Something like:
  25. based on fiddle:

    panel.removeAll() removes the 'items' on a panel. You don't have 'items'. You have custom HTML. If you do it that way, you'll have to do direct DOM manipulation.
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