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    Dynamic addition of container to panel

    What i am trying to do is dynamically add container to panel on click of button.

    1st instance of container gets added and can be seen in the panel.items.length

    2nd instance onwards the...
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    getPlugin doesn't work for grid

    How to get access to grid cellediting plugins to call startEditbyPosition to put a particular cell in editing mode.

    I have tried below code but getPlugin doesn't work as mentioned in docs for...
  3. Loading TreeStore by dynamically setting its root property


    I am trying to load a treestore by dynamically setting its root property, below is what i am trying to do.

    I am trying to load a treepanel with a treestore, which will have proxy with url:...
  4. Form sumit not sending binary data of file during upload


    I am trying to do a file upload using Extjs 5. But i dont see the binary data of file in the Request Payload. I can only see the textfield data and cannot see the data of file i am trying to ...
  5. Set index.jsp as default startup page for application

    I am using Sencha Architect below mentioned is the configuration that i am usingversion:
    framework:Ext JS 4.2.x

    I had placed...
  6. Grid in subcontainer having layout anchor should adhere and occupy full screen

    I am trying to fit the grid which is in a subcontainer with layout as anchor and flex 1 as it is part of main container with layout as vbox, should occupy the remaining of the screen.

    To explain...
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    ejerrywest, thanks for the reply, to get the...

    ejerrywest, thanks for the reply,
    to get the focus currently i click on the control and then i want with the help of F9 i should be able to uncheck it.

    The below code works but it doesn't work in...
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    Attach F9 keymap binding to Checkbox

    I want to uncheck the checkbox on click of f9 key.

    I tried the below code:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    Ext.onReady(function () {
    var checkbox =...
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    Adding node to tree panel.

    I added NodeB to NodeA. Then i collapsed NodeA, having NodeA selected I add NodeC.
    But in UI it shows that it got added above NodeA. Now if I expand NodeA, NodeC jumps into NodeA at...
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    Dragdrop in treePanel

    How to add a node to a node whose leaf = true through Drag Drop functionality dynamically.

    Thanks in advance.
  11. Add items to panel and columns to grid dynamically


    I am usinf ExtJs 4.1 and trying to add items to panel and columns to grid dynamically.

    My Requirement
    DynamicPanel (1.i want to add DynamicPanel

    2.i want to add...
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    Extjs domQuery using grid.up().query()

    I am facing problem in using the domquery, to get focus on the control previous to grid when the grid cell is in edit mode, What i am trying is

    1.check the grid tabindex add 1 to it,...
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    Alignment of icon next to textfield control

    I want the icon on right side of textfield , What i am trying is i wrap the textbox and that wrapper has relative position and then to this wrap i append a div with absolute position and then set...
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    Binding of static store to treepanel

    I am using Extjs 4.1.
    The requirement is such that i need to have the store and treepanel in different files.
    Binding the store with tree is what is not working

    This is my code for creating a...
  15. how to override getErrors validation method for masking value in datefield

    I have put masking on my datefield using []
    so the getErrors throws an error saying -

    __/__/____ is not a...
  16. KeyMap doesn't act on defaultEventAction but performs the default browser action

    Using ExtJS 4.1.1 even though in Ext.util.KeyMap i have set the defaultEventAction: 'preventDefault' and in the fn : function also i have set the e.preventDefault(); still it opens the new tab in...
  17. Setting the value for the textfield inside fieldcontainer

    I am unable to set the value for the textfield which is inside fieldcontainer. I want to set the value and other config for the "textfield" which is inside the "fieldcontainer". So basically i set...
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    I have used the masking plugin - it works but i...

    I have used the masking plugin - it works but i have a specific requirement.

    1. When the page is loaded it is not showing the masking for the field, Even though i have set. Only when i click...
  19. I am not sure how this will work but my...

    I am not sure how this will work but my ptextfield is created by extending a "FieldContainer" which has items img and textfield and what i want is to access the textfield value from ptextfield which...
  20. I appreciate for your time Scott but the thing is...

    I appreciate for your time Scott but the thing is still not working the same error again:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'getRawValue' of null CustomTextField:66...
  21. Tried but no luck. { ...

    Tried but no luck.

    xtype: 'textfield',
    itemId: 'textid',
    width: 50
  22. I am not sure whats wrong with the below...

    I am not sure whats wrong with the below componentquery.

    jsonData: { id:, value: this.down('textfield').getRawValue() },

    But what i get is the error in firebug saying:

  23. Get textfield value which is inside the custom fieldcontainer

    I am using extjs 4.1 and have a custom field i.e within the fieldcontainer i have a img and textfield, How to get the value of textfield which i need to pass in a ajax request on the change of...
  24. The form.getComponent also doesn't work....

    The form.getComponent also doesn't work. "TestForm Creation Code" when run individually it work fine and the blur event for the textfield also gets fired but when i try to show the form in the popup...
  25. Components loaded in a popup window is not accessible using Ext.getCmp()

    I want to show a popup window for which i am using window.loader i.e Ext.ComponentLoader, to load an extjs page with the pagename parameter as"TestForm"

    function popupPage(pagename, title) {
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