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    Our compiled JS code has the same performance...

    Our compiled JS code has the same performance problem. I did some profiling with Google's SpeedTracer and the details are attached below. The hierarchy of our components are as follows:
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    How to improve GXT layout performance?

    We have a dashboard implemented with GXT's PortalLayoutContainer. In this dashboard we have portlets containing charts or grids. We are please with GXT's widget set which enabled us to build this...
  3. [CLOSED] Fixed in 3.0.6

    Yes it is fixed in 3.0.6. Thank you very much.
  4. [CLOSED] GXT 3.0.1 grid has column alignment issue on Chrome

    I have seen columns misaligned with column headers in both my application and the GXT explorer. I was thinking surely somebody else has reported it but I couldn't find it on the forum. It is easily...
  5. [DUP] Thank you for the reply. It is good to hear that...

    Thank you for the reply. It is good to hear that the bug is fixed in 3.0.4.
  6. [DUP] GXT chart highlighting and tooltip popup don't work in scroll panel

    I have a custom built dashboard with many charts and tables. I found that the charts at the top of the dashboard work properly in regard to series highlighting and tooltip. But when I scroll to the...
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