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    Thanks for ur reply

    Hi, Jamie!!
    Thanks for referring the helpful video tutorial..
    I've seen it 3 times and grasped exactly the point how to do with it..
    But the tutorial was based on iPhone simulator, and the...
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    Can u help me a bit more??

    Thanks for ur post.
    And Can u tell me the detailed steps how u got GeoTweets working after downloading Sencha Touch??
    I am also new to Sencha and downloaded it yesterday and tried to test-run...
  3. How to show a simple form on home page of Sencha App??

    Dear Everybody!!
    I am a beginner to use Sencha Touch for app development..
    And i tried to make a sample app first.
    And I followed the tutorials taught by the learning center.
    Following are the...
  4. What is the difference between Sencha Touch and Ext JS?

    Dear everybody!
    I am a newbie to Sencha Touch, but i am much aware of mobile development..
    And I wanna know the difference between Sencha Touch and Ext JS.
    What the hell is the difference between...
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