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  1. I'm still getting the same problem with Ext 3.4.0...

    I'm still getting the same problem with Ext 3.4.0

    Are there any downsides of this fix? I've been trying to look at the checkbox selection model and column model code but can't figure out what the...
  2. I hit a similar problem some time ago, which if...

    I hit a similar problem some time ago, which if my memory serves me correctly was as follows:-

    In newer versions of Ext the default value of the "scope" config has changed for Ext.grid.Column....
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    3.1.x branch

    I can see it fixed in the 3.2.x branch but not the 3.1.x branch.

    Is 3.1.x now dead?


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    [CLOSED]3.1.x branch ComboBox.js initList()

    Looking at SVN Revision 6147 for ComboBox.js

    initList : function(){
    var cls = 'x-combo-list';
    listParent =...
  5. Update

    This bug is still present in Ext 3.1.1
  6. "fixed" and "hideable"

    I agree with this.

    There should not be a link between "fixed" and "hideable", it makes no sense.

    I've been correcting this in my own code for over 2 years!
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    radio config

    i.e. {checked: true} will call the radio setValue() function which will only set the check state of that radio.

    If you have other radio buttons, with the same name, then you could get into...
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    Maybe related to this...
  9. [FIXED-564][3.0.3/3.1.1] Grid CSS - grid rows wrong height

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.0.3


    Grid CSS is wrong. The result is that grid rows might be the wrong size. (May depend on operating system, browser defaults, etc.)
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    [CLOSED]3.0.3 String.trim not x-browser

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.0.3

    String trim method does not work the same cross-browser.

    This is because \s is interpreted to be a different set of characters in different...
  11. Why change

    It's simple. This change breaks just about every page in my application, and I have a large application. I don't see why I should change and retest my code for what I consider to be a buggy and bad...
  12. Changed

    Why? How is this an improvement in any way? There must be a good reason for this change.

    I don't see it mentioned in the docs anywhere:
  13. Store execute 3.0.2

    Ext 3.0.2 code below.

    This is still faulty, as in the report above where the baseParams of the previous request get sent on the current request.

    I believe that there should not be a change to...
  14. Checkbox CSS

    If the core team can't get these Checkbox bugs fixed by the next release I will give your extension a try. I'm not a great fan of themed checkboxes, but as Ext uses a mixture of themed and unthemed...
  15. Example

    In the example above I would say the docs are wrong. You need to be able to give some indication of whether the method method worked or not. If you just return "this" you have no idea if it worked...
  16. [3.0.2] Checkbox boxLabel not wrapping in Fx3.5

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.0.2

    Browser versions tested against:

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    [3.0.2] Border Layout resizing issue

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.0.2

    Adapter used:

  18. Ext 3.0.2

    You can't use baseParams in Ext 3.0.2 because this is broken.

    store execute() is buggy, took us a while to fix this one!
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    Yes to built in synchronous Ajax support

    Papandreou, we are paying customers. You don't think they would actually put in a useful feature like this even though it has been requested many times? The actual number of lines of code required is...
  20. Checkbox/Radio alignment

    I'm trying to fix this same issue.

    The disadvantage of using a non-break space is that it takes up space, but even worse is that users can mouse over this space, click, and toggle the state of the...
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    Ext 3.0.0

    Just as a heads up for anyone using Ext 3.0.0 I found that I still needed to put the scrollOffset 21px fix in. (Testing on Vista Ie7/Fx3.5.) I assume the svn fix is post 3.0.0.

  22. Alignment

    I do this all the time although you won't find a simple config for it. You will need to look at the structure of the grid HTML and apply appropriate CSS. I never use the built in align config and...
  23. Ok

    Thanks, I'll have to mull over the various options.
  24. autoHeight doesn't work for me

    Condor, thanks for the suggestion.

    I've tried autoHeight: true in both the North region and the north toolbar but it doesn't make any difference for me in Firefox 3.5. Am I putting the fix in the...
  25. BorderLayout, north region toolbar (upgrade question)

    Upgrading from 2 to 3.0.0 and have come across the following upgrade issue with toolbars in the North region of a border layout.

    In Firefox 3.5 the north region toolbar does not get laid out...
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