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    When is this version expected to be released?

    When is this version expected to be released?
  3. This problem still exists... at least on OS X

    How I am able to reproduce bug:

    Create New project
    Add Panel, Grid, Panel, etc.
    Edit Preferences > Export Path
    Save Project
    Export project
    Does not save to user define path, instead it...
  4. Thanks for your response...

    I have been using Ext Designer for several days now, and on OS X it is extremely buggy. I have to frequently exit and reenter the application in order to refresh the content or shake a problem that...
  5. How to Create Grid with: Grouping + Summary + Expander Rows in Ext Designer?

    I wish Ext Designer had the capability to import existing Ext JS HTML/JS document sets, and convert those to an .XDS project file. This would make learning much easier for those of us who learn by...
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