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    What does GWT have for record/playback?

    I was hoping you could point me in the right direction...what does GWT have for record & playback?

    - Bob
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    Did you ever solve this?

    I am trying to do the very same thing... did you ever solve this problem?

    Many thanks if you could post the solution!!

    - Bob
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    TabItem unclickable in IE6, IE8

    Versions: 2.1.1 & 2.2.0

    If you try to click on the text label of the TabItem, it does not respond to the click (and the cursor is not a 'pointer').

    You have to click just under the text in...
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    Did you ever succeed in creating your GXT image...

    Did you ever succeed in creating your GXT image viewer?
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    Did you find a GXT-based or GWT-based image zoom?

    Did you find a GXT-based or GWT-based image zoom?
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    GXT Image Viewer: w/Pan and zoom

    Has anyone created a GXT compatible Image viewer capable of pan and zoom? I don't really want a "tiled" approach...just something that I can load a 1000x1000 pixel image and then view it inside a...
  7. How to control: sort desc BEFORE sort asc

    I would like to make my sort first sort DESC and then ASC

    Is there an easy way? The current code goes first ASC and then DESC

    Many thanks.

    - Bob
  8. I've tried the above code and it doesn't work...

    I've tried the above code and it doesn't work when trying to ensureVIsible the last row in the grid.

    Is there a bug already filed on this? The ensureVisible makes sure the top of the row is...
  9. PagingToolBar and PagingToolBarMessages

    I've patched it in my world.... can you publish your least if I use your patch, then it will be closer (or the same) when 2.2 comes out.


  10. There has to be a better way...clearly the...

    There has to be a better way...clearly the architect felt it necessary to have this customizable.
  11. overriding PagingToolBarMessages

    Has there been a solution to this? It seems like a horrible gap in functionality....clearly the authors felt it was necessary and desirable to let the developer have control over these messages.
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    Can't see the images or the css

    I followed your instructions but the images don't show up nor the css is loaded...

    Did I miss something?

    how does it know the path to the various png's involved.

    - Bob
  13. MultiField is being used as a base class

    Yes, I am using MultiField as the base class... I understand about not changing the functionality...but it would be very very good to put a big caveat on the documentation.

    The fact that it...
  14. MultiField co-opts the first control to store its 'value'

    I believe this to be a bug as it results in very unpredictable behavior.

    The MultiField is a great tool to use to combine several fields into a single control, in my case I was creating my own...
  15. Please pass this bug on to the GXT folks!!

    This is a bug also in GXT v2.1.1

    The custom validator is not called if the field is blank and allowBlank=true

    Many times you want the field to be tabbed through (while blank) and avoid having...
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    Need LiveGrid w/ RpcProxy example

    The LiveGrid example is great but it seems to be tailored to Json for getting the data.

    Can you provide an example that uses RpcProxy and possibly a BeanModelReader? That would be very...
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    store.update( BeanModelLookup.get().getFactory(bean.getClass()).createModel(bean));

    did the trick....thank might be nice to have a convenience method somewhere obvious to make this a bit...
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    I have put it thru the debugger.... hibernate4gwt...

    I have put it thru the debugger.... hibernate4gwt is doing the right thing...the bean that is coming in from the client is indeed the wrong "version". The problem I'm having is that I don't see a...
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    Gilead/hibernate4gwt integration

    I have a basic question on how I update a javabean in a model.

    I have a Grid with a StoreListener which updates data on the server via hibernate4gwt

    I get the bean out of the model via...
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