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  1. [FIXED] over ride the below method with the following...

    over ride the below method with the following code, Highlighted line is the temp fix we are using for the same

    * @private
    * Process and refire events routed from the...
  2. [FIXED] Hi Danny, thank you for your response , but this...

    Hi Danny, thank you for your response , but this stopSelection is by default set to true, it is not working even though I explictly set it to ture.

  3. [FIXED] Problem with Action Column in Ext-Js 4.2


    While we are migrating our application from Ext-Js 4.0.7 to 4.2 (663 build), we found a behavioural difference for Action Column implementation, and the description for the same is

    When we...
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    Hi Scott, There is a download for 4.2 is...

    Hi Scott,

    There is a download for 4.2 is avilable in premium support site, can we consider this as offcial 4.2 build.

    And even nightly builds I am able to see 4.2.1 beta version, that means...
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    Update on ExtJs 4.2 Rlease Date


    Is there any update on ExtJs 4.2 Release date , as we are planing to consider 4.2 for our application development after having the good experience with 4.2 Beta version.

    Thank you in...
  6. How to compare two different store


    I have a requirement like compare Two different stores, is there any way that we can achieve in ext-js.

    Thank You in advance.
  7. Un able to Reload the Data in to Grid

    Hi ,

    I have a CRUD based grid , for this I am using HttpProxy with Json Data Store.

    When I am a adding a record to the grid , that record is getting saved in the remote server Data base...
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    Issue with HttpProxy for Grid


    I am a beginner for Ext-Js, I have a problem when I am trying to save all the records in grid,

    Proxy Code

    var proxy = new{
    api: {
    read :...
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