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  1. EXTJS Grid with CRUD API for Store + Server Side Validation


    I created a Grid with the Row Editor plugin and created a store using the CRUD API. You can find the corresponding sources below. But I am not quite happy with how the CRUD API is doing...
  2. Hi, I am still struggling with this error. And...


    I am still struggling with this error. And I found that when EXTJS calls "me.convertRecordData(convertedValues, node, record)" under extractData, the convertRecordData function does something...
  3. Hi Alex, I tried changing the dataIndex to all...

    Hi Alex,

    I tried changing the dataIndex to all lowercase as defined in the model and the JSON data, but the problem still persist.

    I am currently stepping through the issue in firebug but...
  4. EXT Store/Grid not Populating Certain Columns


    I ran into something very strange today. The problem is EXT Store for some reason is not populating certains data columns. You will notice the JSON result does have data. But upon render I see...
  5. Desktop Packager License Question - One License - Three Platforms?


    I am a little bit confused with your licensing system. As per your license, if more than one developer is working then I will have to acquire license for each. But I can use the same...
  6. NVM, I figured it out... ...

    NVM, I figured it out...

  7. Export All the TreePanel Nodes to JSON/Object maintaining the parent/child relationsh


    I am developing an app using EXTJS and making use of the TreePanel and the TreeStore. I am adding Nodes dynamically by using:

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    How to set Grid Column Padding ?


    I configured a Grid panel and need to adjust the Padding for the Column name. I tried the following configurations for the column, but it is not applying/overriding the padding :(

  9. Adding an event listener to all stores automatically


    Currently when a store is loaded I am showing a progress bar while the data is loaded into the store. But I have to copy/paste the same codes to all the stores.

    Is there anyway I can add...
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    Advantages over a web based UI


    Currently I am developing a web based application that uses EXTJS 3.0 library. It's a pretty big web app, with enterprise level functionality.

    I was wondering if I actually use Adobe AIR to...
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