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  1. This is how Sencha answers support ques. Wow. ...

    This is how Sencha answers support ques. Wow.

    You can't even give me a code sample.

    Are you going to do a long policy discussion next instead of showing me an efficient code?

    I like to...
  2. Tnx, I'll be using JQuery Mobile :)

    In any event, here's a sample JSON,-74
  3. displaying JSON data from foursquare's array of venues

    hi, i am new to sencha touch.

    I need to do the following with JSON info from foursquare.

    I want to display an array of Venues with their attributes efficiently on a ListView like
  4. Will Sencha Touch get support in Dreamweaver 5.5? Or is this the end?

    I like to know if Sencha Touch will have a future competing with JQuery Mobile since I have read Dreamwever 5.5 will only give support to JQuery Mobile.

    Is this the beginning of the end of Sencha...
  5. Load form's textfield value when card is call up

    I like to know this...

    I want to load a form's textfields (2) value from a JSON call.

    Basically, when a user loads the card with the form with the textfields,
    I would like to load it with...
  6. How to pre-populate several textfields from JSON thats from PHP file.

    i, I am having trouble implementing a onLoad to populate several textfields
    from saved user settings in a database.

    I have four textfields, all are to specify a user's info (First Name, Last...
  7. Here's my addtional dilemma, In addtion to...

    Here's my addtional dilemma,

    In addtion to loading the options to the menus, I need to make the menus show the user's saved selection from the database. I don't know how to do the following.

  8. Checkbox w/ ability to toggle dis(enable state of a select menu based Checkbox/state

    /// Hi

    I am looking to have checkboxes in a card that are align to the left
    like regular webpages.
    Also, I would like the checkbox to toggle the dis/enable state of a
    select menu item.
  9. /////////////////// //// My code does the...

    //// My code does the rendering a little different.

    I don't use this

    new Ext.form.Select({
    store: myStore,
    displayField: 'text',
    valueField: 'value'
  10. /// Here's my additional dilemma that I still...

    /// Here's my additional dilemma that I still need help.
    /// There are like five select menus that will display all the same data from the store.

    /// Here's the thing, each select menu will have...
  11. Sounds easy enough but there's no sample code...

    Sounds easy enough but there's no sample code that actually shows how to do what you said. Especially from a Database.

    Thanks anyway. but I do need sample codes
  12. Please elaborate with some code what you mean. ...

    Please elaborate with some code what you mean.

    How do I pull JSON data into a store in the first place ??? I am looking to pull JSON data when the Card is pulled up. Some sample code? And how do...
  13. How to pre-populate a Select menu UI item on Load of the Card (View)


    I like to know this, is there a way to pre-populate a Select menu UI item on Load of a Card that its in.

    It like this, my app has a main menu that contains a button that pulls up the member...
  14. Help with sequence of events using Sencha Touch

    Hi, I am a bit lost in implementing a sequence of events and like some incite from this forum.

    There are two cards (or two screens). (card1 and card2)

    When I press a button in card1, it calls...
  15. Replies

    Sample code for switch screens (cards)?


    I like to be able to switch between screens (cards).

    Is there sample codes on that?

    Tnx in advance.
  16. Looking for help in populating a "pull down select menu" from database

    Hi, I need help in finding ways (I know u need a PHP script that spits out JSON code) to populate a "pulldown select menu" from entries from a mysql database.

    The SDK was insufficient in helping...
  17. where and how do you write code that provides login management ?

    Hi, I need to write an Sencha Touch app that can handle logins ( I wrote the login screen already ).

    I am looking for best practices using and building Sencha Touch to handle logins for users...
  18. Look for ideas and help on implementing Test Ques. from XML source

    Hi all,

    I like some advice on how to implement a web app for android and iphone Test Ques program that will pull test ques. in xml form and display it properly on the mobile device.

    Please let...
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