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  1. Hi Folks,

    we just released out next major version of Tine 2.0 a opensource groupware / collaboration tool, based on ExtJS 3.0.

  2. @Ronaldo

    in fact i've created an Ext.ux.PopupWindow, Ext.ux.PopupWindowManager and a Ext.ux.WindowFactory

    As such we can tell teh WindowFactory to factor Ext.Window, Ext.air.Window or...
  3. Replies
    great idea, have you thought of using canvas instead of svg?

    Which license will you place this stuff under?
  4. Hi NeonMonk

    it would be great if you could add a licence header to the code. BSD new would be ideal ;-)
  5. Hi,

    we are using the gears "manifest" in Tine 2.0. It has a major advantage over 'normal' caching settings, as you can control the client side cache easily.

    This is a major advantage if you...
  6. You are totally right, the build thing is the next thing we need to target. I personally dislike to current aproaches:
    - js builder on goolge code: win only... (is this a joke?)
    - jsbuilder from...
  7. Hi SamuraiJack1,

    what about an account to the svn? It would be a lot more easy if you commit you stuff :-)

    just give me your sourceforge accout name
  8. Hi all,
    I just uploaded version 0.4 of my jsdoc-tk-ext package.
    Please find details in my blog:

    @SamuraiJack1 your last patch is not included, as it patches ext...
  9. thanks for the patchs, i just commited them

  10. @Sierk

    thanks for the patchs, i just commited them

  11. I made a first package of the jsdoc-tk-ext available here:
  12. Hi,

    as mid- long-term goal, I think makeing the stuff jsdoc ready will be the best. However, at least me needs a working solution right now.

    So for a quick and dirty solution, i registered a...
  13. As a first quick step, we can register a sourceforge project.

    If you don't mind, I'll register a project and import the old svn till rev. 471 into the sf repo.

    do you have a sf account?
  14. Glad to hear,

    I mailed you to the address in the code headers, but w.o success.
    As it would be a shame to start from scratch again, we should place rev. 471 somewhere.

    Seems that the code...
  15. Hi guys,

    following christocracys hint, I gathered this:

    i tried to contact christocracy, but w.o. success.
    If somebody is interested, we could register a...
  16. Yepp me!
    have an url?
  17. Hi Animal,

    what a pity that we can't share code! So lets share some ideas.
    As being core coder of the egroupware project i have an idea of backend concepts, but the JS thing is new to me.

  18. At the moment i do a dirty hack:

    TimeGrid = new Ext.grid.GridPanel({...});
    var TimeGridBody = TimeGrid.getView().mainBody;
    var e = eventTpl.insertAfter(TimeGridBody,, true);
  19. That sounds interesting. How do you diplay the events? Atm. i create new elements for each event and diplay them a layer over the grid.

    But i have no smart idea how to handle overlapping events...
  20. Yes, I'm still on it.

    If you place the events with templates, what do you do when two events overlap?
    Or are you just considering a plain listview in the days?
  21. I want to implement a calendar (like an outlook calendar, not a date picker).

    In the end i want to have day, week, month and planer views. For implementing the different views i need some advice....
  22. OSX 10.4.10 and FF,
    WINXP AND Opera,

    Ext.onReady(function() {
    var el = Ext.get('some-div');
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