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  1. This feature would be great but I understand it's not a priority.
    I think I will rename all my files even though it's not safe at all...

    Thx for your help
  2. My JS files are not necessarily javascript classes but some JS code that I would like to document.That's why I've used dashes and not dots.However I'd like to benefit of jsduck and from what I can...
  3. Hi,My files name are not supported because they looks like this : Admin-Members-Delete.js and not Admin.Members.Delete.jsI really dont want to rename it so I would like to know how to fix it Thx
  4. Thx a lot it seems to work :)
  5. Hi renku and thx for your quick answer,

    Actually my files are json files
    I'm using an ExtJs3.4 plugin called RemoteComponent which load json files as configuration and then create the components...
  6. Hi everyone,

    I've got an error while trying to parse this simple file :

    * @property {Boolean} [readOnly=false]
  7. Hi,

    I'm trying to get Ext3 and Ext4 work together in my "old" Ext3 application using sandbox and Ext4 prefix.
    For now, it's seems to be ok but when I load an ext-lang-xx.js file from the /locale...
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    Nobody has an answer ?
    Did you try it ?
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    Just a simple question, why if I just add "useCurrentLocation:true" in the kitchensink map exemple nothing happens?

    demos.Map = new Ext.Panel({
    layout: 'fit',
    items: [{
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    I have a problem with my second xcombo (thx to durlabh) : When I select a value in the calculated dropdown list, the textfield of my combo remains blank although the right value is passed....
  11. Hello
    Thanks a lot for this plugin

    I have a question, is it possible to instanciate this object using xtype ?

    If not, why ?
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    Hi, seems that IE8 not supports this plugin, i cant make it works with the array-grid example

    More info here :

    "Internet Explorer 8 limits data URIs to a maximum length of 32 KB"

    Indeed, the array-grid example of Animal generates a huge URL which i can't...
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    Personnaly, im using it with 3.0 and I have no problem ;)
  15. Hi,

    Thanks for your help, but as I said, whatever the plugin I use the result is the same while it's works on FF. I see the link but the click seems dead as nothing happens

    Maybe my IE8/IIS...
  16. Maybe my problem wasn't clear enough ?

    I tried Animal's plugin too, but it still doesn't work an IE8 :s

    Nobody to help me ?
  17. This plugin works perfectly with FF but not with IE8 8-|

    I have url like data:application/;base64 which apparently is not supported by IE unless my configuration isn't right

    If you...
  18. Hi !

    Here's the story: I have a grid whose columns and store are created dynamically.

    Let's say i have 4 columns. The first one (C1) is fixed and the 2 other ones (C2/C3...) can be set hidden...
  19. Yeah right but anyway, with or without autoWitdh:true the result is the same in that case.
  20. Hi,

    When i set autoWidth and forceFit to true my grid is displaying the following :

    while it fits perfectly on FF. (it's...
  21. Thx to both of you, it works great now !
    I deleted the doctype and used condor's sample code.

    However i noticed that the inputs fields style in IE are different since the doctype has been deleted...
  22. <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC '-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN' ''>
  23. Sorry Condor, i used both of your methods, nothing changed.

    Edit : I'd just noticed that it's works fine on chrome. May be that could help....
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    I put my post here :
  25. Hello,

    My problem is that my iframe does not fit with my panel.
    Here's the code :

    // file : client.js loaded by plugin RemoteComponent
    xtype: 'tabpanel',
    id: 'tab_Suivi-Client',
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