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  1. It's my error messages.

    I can't understand the role of '' in the example source file(it's a store file). After deleting the requirement of...
  2. ex) Safari(local file:///Users/...)

    ex) Chrome(http://localhost/User/...)

    Tried various ways, but all failed to show in browser.

    What did I miss?
  3. I'm using OS X Mountain Lion.

    I downloaded sencha architect sample apps(about 9~10 apps) from Sencha.

    Though I can see each work in Architect...
  4. Replies
    Can't load an external web page onto my tab panel.

    Thank you in advance(I'm using sencha architect).

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.MyTabPanel', { extend: '',

    config: {
  5. Thank you all.

    Today, I had better read some unix book before proceeding.
  6. Hi, renku

    here is,

    Last login: Mon Aug 27 13:39:53 on ttys000mac:~ DoYoungMin$ clang
    -bash: clang: command not found
    mac:~ DoYoungMin$
  7. Thank you shmeltex, but, no difference. Do you have any idea?

    mac:~ DoYoungMin$ sudo gem install jsduckPassword:
    Building native extensions. This could take a while...
    ERROR: Error...
  8. Hi, All

    I have installed Xcode 4.5 with command line tool. But no difference.

    Unix:WebServer DoYoungMin$ sudo gem install jsduck
    Building native extensions. This could take a...
  9. I'll do that.

    Anyway, how do you know that(I need C complier etc.)? Would you recommend a book for me to read and understand such terminal messages above?

    I googled and read some beginner...
  10. I encountered some problems in installing jsduck on my mac lion.

    Unix:WebServer DoYoungMin$ sudo gem install jsduck
    Fetching: rdiscount-1.6.8.gem (100%)
    Building native extensions. ...
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