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  1. Would this not be better implemented as a type of proxy as opposed to a grid plugin?
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    Think you might be missing a

    CkConfig: {}

    after you set the xtype, but before the initComponent method. Without it getting set to an empty object, the Ext.apply won't work as...

    Ext version tested:
    Ext 4.2

    Browser versions tested against:
    Chrome 26 FF 21 Safari 6

    DOCTYPE tested against:
  4. (available here

    anyone got this yet? is it any good?
  5. good work. shame it doesn't work in IE. That's not your fault though - neither does pdf.js itself.
  6. why are you not using the root you specified in the proxy?
  7. I think it is important to note here that even if the clientIdProperty config is set, then the phantom id is ONLY sent if more than one record is sent to the server. If only a single record is sent,...
  8. if you get an error in chrome as follows when using this component:

    "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'parentNode' of null"

    it is probably that you have called the update method before...
  9. no problem
  10. @silcreval

    Tested this in FF 7.0.1 on Linux - and it seems ok. Was using it to display an email in a window. dragging, maximising etc all work ok.
  11. Can we see the code? Form, combo, combo store & model and Ajax load code
  12. bump
  13. Just checked - IE9 messes up as well

    When using a grid with a grouped header, if you resize a column whose header is not grouped, the header text jumps to top alignment and styling of whole cell goes a bit off.

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    search the forums for ManagedIFrame and/or SimpleIFrame
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    that's not valid JSON

    -- see
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    removeAll method???
  18. your returned JSON doesn't have a person.names property
  19. try this:

    Ext.create('Ext.window.Window', {

    title: 'Customer Details ',
    bodyPadding: 5,
    width: 750,
  20. show me a bit more with the fields themselves
  21. the xtype is combobox, not combo
  22. add an event to each field. can't give exact answer cause don't know where you're running this code or what scope it is running in. something along the lines of:

    initComponent: {
    .. //...
  23. check the scope the success callback is running in
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    have you tried a form with a grid embedded?

    you could add the normal form field mixin to the grid to get it to act like a normal field component. Then, override the getValue & setValue stubs to...
  25. If you show me your code with my snippet included i'll try and debug it for you
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