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  1. There is also a problem with reading nested data. So I had to override read method as well. This code fixed both setAssocName(model) and loading nested data.

    Ext.define('CJ.model.HasOneFix', {
  2. Updated JSFiddle URL, new one really contains fix from the post
  3. Fix demo: should be updated and look like this:

    createSetter: function () {
    var me = this,
  4. This example shows the bug clearly:

    Now let's go a bit deeper into how it should work and why.

    First of all, let's define the terms:
    1) User has many orders means...
  5. Sharing models is not straightforward, but possible:
    I think same applies to stores.
    So the only open question is...
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    Guys, I found the solution. In case you need to do something similar, you need to reference model by full name AND require it in the store so it looks like this:
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    I have set up the sencha workspace and created two apps: frontend and backend. I also have a folder for common components. Here's what directory structure looks like:

  8. Sorry, forgot to mention. In order to establish dependency, I've edited app/Application.js:

    Ext.define('CJF.Application', {
    name: 'CJF',

    extend: '',

    uses: [
  9. Hi guys!

    We're building an app that has public part and main one for internal use. They share quite complex form and some utility components and data models.
    I create a workspace, within that...
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    I think that the problem is the way how he attaches store to the component. Try creating inline store in the component, something really simple like:

    Ext.define('Myapp.myview', {
  11. Hi,

    combo in the my.view.A definition is an instance of Ext.form.field.ComboBox. When you instantiate the my.view.A, you put another instance of the combobox. There is no inheritance.

    If you...
  12. I don't think this is possible in combobox. Can you provide a context please? Why do you need this feature? I'm sure there is another way of achieving what you need.
  13. Hi,

    Unfortunately Sencha doesn't work well with associations. It does descent job loading them in one go (with a structured package from the server), but cannot save them back. In previous apps we...
  14. slemmon is right, ExtJS and browser manages this.
    Are you sure you need 20K records in the store at the same time? I'd better load them from the server on demand or, at worst, used localStorage and...
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    Do you have closeAction: 'hide' in your popup window? And yes, full example would really help. Try jsfiddle for it.
  16. Hi,

    First of all, I'd stay away from setting 'id' of the component. This limits usage to only one place. In order to use down() method, assign itemId to the chart or look for it by xtype e.g.
  17. No, because model being submitted doesn't have fields with structured data like in your input. I think the only way is to do something about DataWriter that creates the structure to be written and...
  18. Mitchell is right. XSS should be filtered out on the server or escaped on the client. While ExtJS offers escaping on the client, I'm advocating for filtering on the server. Ideally - at your...
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    Hi Dennis,

    Did you try listening to 'check' event mentioned here:
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    I've installed it previously, but now can't find SDK for linux!
    What is the reason for discontinuing the support for linux?
  21. I confirm this. Not sure this has anything to do with the card layout. I think Sencha guys use macs and iphones and simply ignore this problem which is already there for 1.5 years.

    Not sure how to...
  22. I have the same issue. Cordova works fine, but all phonegap plugins must be ported, so you have to stick to Phonegap 1.4.1.
    I think, problem with Phonegap is in Sencha as well, because it has some...
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    I've just tested this on mac mini 2.4 core 2 duo with 2 GB memory.
    Yes, it's not brand-new, but this is only tab switching!!!!
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    Rendering is slow. You cannot make it faster.
    What's going on there? AJAX query when you switch the tab?

    I just think that you there use brand-new Macs and do not notice your apps are def slow on...
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    Well, segmented button is a bit overkill... BU I will go this way if I don't find a different one.

    Mitchell, pressedCls is a class that Sencha adds to the button element when user clicks on it....
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