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    Ah I see, I just need to move the scope reference...

    Ah I see, I just need to move the scope reference one step up, thanks! I'll give that a try.
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    Ext JS Scope question

    I'm still getting then hang of scope in EXT JS. I'm having a bit of trouble with getting a callback function to invoke a function that is a property of a controller object.

    Essentially I want...
  3. Creating an application timeout notification

    I'm building an EXT JS app that users will authenticate with and their session will expire after a fixed time period (ex 15 minutes) of inactivity. The server will take care of session expiration,...
  4. Okay cookies it is then, I use a combination of...

    Okay cookies it is then, I use a combination of server-side session data (using a database to store session properties for security) and the non-sensitive data I share with the client for easier...
  5. Storing/creating a client-side 'session' object

    I'm creating my first large ext-js web application and I have a question about creating a client-side session object.

    In other web applications that I've built in the past, when the user...
  6. Best way to display 'invalid username or password' error on a login form

    I have a login form, just a username and password field. I'm wondering what the best way to display an 'invalid username or password' message that would be returned from the server on form...
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    defaultAlign property not working

    dockedItems: [{ xtype: 'toolbar',
    dock: 'bottom',
    layout: 'hbox',
    pack: 'center',
    items: [{
    xtype: 'button',
    text: 'menu button',...
  8. Can't get simple drag & drop of a panel to work...

    I've been struggling a lot lately, and surprisingly no one has really offered any suggestion as to what is going wrong with Ext JS 4.

    I'm trying to create an extremely simple drag&drop example. My...
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    Can't get drag & drop to work properly

    I'm attempting to learn extjs 4 and I've been struggling with drag and drop for the past couple of days. I've attempted to build a simple application with a viewport and 1 panel. I've set the panel...
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    The application consists of a viewport and two...

    The application consists of a viewport and two panels. One parent, the child draggable. The parent panel is the dropzone and the child has the "draggable:true" property.
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    Draggable panel 'jumps' off screen

    I'm trying to implement a draggable panel within another panel. I've set up the parent panel to be a dropzone, and i've set the child panel to have the property "draggable: true".

    This is a quick...
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    I think I'm running into the same bug in my post (referenced...
  13. I've also noticed that in the examples, panels...

    I've also noticed that in the examples, panels that have the draggable: true property are not draggable. They snap back to their original location instead of remaining where they're dragged to.
  14. Any help here guys? Still pretty lost.

    Any help here guys? Still pretty lost.
  15. Thanks @flanders, I would have to assume the...

    Thanks @flanders, I would have to assume the approach of dynamically adding views/panels depending on the login result is probably less resource intense than trying to load all of the views...
  16. Attempting to create draggable panel within another panel, stuck in upper left corner

    I'm attempting to add a small panel within another panel and allow users to drag it around the screen.

    Ext.define('CS.view.StartScreen', { extend: 'Ext.panel.Panel',
  17. Question about creating one application for multiple users

    Hi there,

    I'm working on learning Ext JS 4 and I have a general advice question:

    I'm developing a web application that will have two different user interfaces for two different types of users....
  18. How to add 'shortcut-icons' to the content area of a panel

    I'm new to ExtJS 4, and I'm very curious about the combination-desktop-like environment example here:

    I'm basically wondering...
  19. After some hunting around the internet I realized...

    After some hunting around the internet I realized I didn't execute this.callParent(); at the end of my initComponent function
  20. Trying to add a formpanel to viewport, getting 'el is undefined' console error

    Hi guys,

    I'm very new to Sencha & EXT JS 4 -- I'm attempting to build my first application. I want to create a login prompt that after successful authentication displays a 'welcome screen' to...
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    Hi @crysfel, Your app looks great, thanks for...

    Hi @crysfel,

    Your app looks great, thanks for getting back to me. I'm still steadily working away at understanding Ext JS 4. I do like to see how you've integrated codeigniter into your project. I...
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    Ext 4.0 'Desktop' example application

    Hi there,

    I'm new to Sencha and Extjs 4 and I would like to eventually build a suite of tools in the fashion of the 'Desktop' demo application that comes bundled with the sdk. However this looks...
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