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    Sencha Architect 3 activation code

    Could you also send me the activation code.
  2. Generate Images with sencha cmd showing error Coordinate out of bounds!

    I was using sencha cmd Sencha Cmd v3.0.0.250 to produce images for IE.
    I followed all steps and stuck with the issue as below when running sencha theme build command
    [INF] Building theme...
  3. When we can expect ease like theme roller in EXTJs

    k thanks, But its a long process to take approval even for a free resource and there is time constraint.

    Do we have any provision in next release to simplify theming process.

    When we can expect...
  4. theme for IE7 without sencha cmd, sass and compass -

    my client dont have these tools and process to grab them will take long time.
    Do we have any other alternate to create custom theme and it has strict specifications for css rules.
    So, can't use...
  5. How to create theme for IE7 without sencha cmd, sass and compass

    I have to create custom theme for an application that will run with IE7.
    Could you please help me with the alternates if i can not use sencha command, SASS and Compass :s.

    I am not a...
  6. Looking 4 different ways 2 develop mobile & desktop application on same code

    We are planning to develop an application that is targeted for mobile and desktop platforms.
    Can I use the same code base to develop application that are targeted for mobile and desktop platforms....
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