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    Copy/Export GXT charts?


    I found a couple of (relatively old) posts on the subject but no immediate solution from what I understood...

    So I re-ask the question just in case there was any evolution on the...
  2. here is the selection model that works OK

    // --------------------------------------------------------
    // Custom GridSelectionModel
    // Why:
    // to keep selected rows even after reload of the live grid
  3. I finally got it working...I will post the code...

    I finally got it working...I will post the code in case others need to do the same too...
  4. LiveGrid: how to keep selected rows after scrolling?

    LiveGrid: how to keep select rows even after scrolling & how to select all rows (visible or not)?


    I just switched from a standard Grid to a Grid with a LiveGridView; results are great...
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