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  1. Development Approach; Commercial and GPL; patches and bugs

    Last time I used ExtJS I was using ExtJS 3.4 and Sencha Touch 2.

    The developer community was great and they patched bugs, so you updated their code.
    The ExtJS community died off a little post...
  2. Referencing stores & indexbar wasnt appearing

    My IndexBar worked on dev but when I ran through the build it didn't work.

    You could see it but you couldn't click it......

    I was also getting a lot of store complaints from the console as I...
  3. Thanks heaps, my app loads real quick and I think...

    Thanks heaps, my app loads real quick and I think I may get it down to < 1 second if I try :)

    Yes have been using the new framework and read the guides, doco forum posts on the topics.
    Great to...
  4. Native Packaging Performance Boost? And ST2 feedback

    Does packaging using Sencha Cmd using the native option improve performance?
    And as a side note do you get more screen real estate i.e. does it remove address bar or do anything other than drop an...
  5. It looks like ST2 team are ahead of the ball game...

    It looks like ST2 team are ahead of the ball game on this,

    Sencha Touch Product Roadmap
    ->Additional device support, such as Windows Phone, etc
    ->Improved Android Tablet and Phone Performance
  6. This works. However stores aren't normally...

    This works.

    However stores aren't normally destoryed/collected when invoking the remove method.
    Adding this code below will ensure it's removed unless of course you do...
  7. Thought it maybe related to this, ...

    Thought it maybe related to this,

    Code to setValue where the problem occurs,

  8. It happens after a -> tab/form is removed from...

    It happens after a
    -> tab/form is removed from a tabpanel using tabpanel.remove(tab).
    -> then the tab/form is re-added to the tabpanel however the store reference in the combo is set to null and...
  9. I did some digging in the Ext code and some more...

    I did some digging in the Ext code and some more testing on my remote and local stores. It appears remote stores do get destroyed even after setting autoDestroy on the store and control i.e....
  10. Yes I've run into exactly the same problem. ...

    Yes I've run into exactly the same problem.

    Though I haven't found the need to filter local combo's.
    I use the following configuration on my local combo's and it tends to auto complete on the...
  11. Store & Combo design in a big application

    Should you

    ->load your stores once at application load time, only ones that are re used a lot


    -> create a new store for every combobox as it's rendered

    I've gone down the 1st path,...
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    SmartCheckBoxSelctionModel reverts State Provider to use cookies

    I use Saki's state provider and this extension(great extenstion btw), they don't mash. Saki's state provider is an alternative to the cookie provider. SmartCheckBoxSelectionModel sets the provider...
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    SmartCheckBoxSelctionModel reverts State Provider to cookies

    Thanks Saki for a great extension. Found a problem with SmartCheckBoxSelectionModel v1.17.
    It stomps the State provider, which means all future state changes are saved to the cookies event when you...
  14. Field state valid -> invalid -> valid - doesnt remove qtip invalidClass

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.3 rev beta

    Adapter used:

  15. Same issue here

    Also found this to be an issue, was a real head scratcher, until I went source diving into ExtJS source code and came up with a similar override to Condor.
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    KeyNav - to stopEvent or not?


    I wanted my KeyNav function to control when the events were stopped. So I pointed the defaultEventAction to EventObject method getKey. This means when enter is pressed it doesn't stop the...
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    Stores are destroyed by ListMenu - by default - override to keep some stores

    I have a number of re-usable stores loaded into Ext.StoreMgr and all have a storeId and are used in several places throughout an application. When I destroy the gridfilters it also takes the...
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    Poll: Mystix++

    Very nice plugin, got it working without asking any questions. Always pays to read the thread.
    And can't believe how many questions Mystix answered!! Where is the donate Mystix button?
  19. Great success

    I've worked around some of the problems on this issue. But I've only tested this in Firefox, works a treat

    Firstly if you're trying to get keyboard control of a tree within a window you need to...
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    ExtJS Sighting

    Local NZ Council GIS viewer using ExtJS for some components of it's website,

    Very cool to see ExtJS being using...
  21. Tried a bound grid?

    You're right I agree, cloning a whole form would be nasty.

    However wouldn't it be better to display that information in a grid and at least have a form popup to edit the info? My preference for...
  22. FieldSet modified to be similar to gmail Contacts

    Great plugin, didn't quite do what I wanted so I've changed it somewhat.
    Perhaps my changes can be integrated to compliment what you've done with the fieldsets rather than replace it. But I...
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    I abandoned the table layout as a data display it...

    I abandoned the table layout as a data display it just looked ugly, with my css.
    Decided to use the Portal and portlets to arrange the data better.
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    TableLayout CSS/Style Question

    I've been toying with Table layout and don't normally delve into the css very far.

    My objective was to make the first column of my table have a blue background and I achieved this by putting it in...
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    Excel is true by default v1.7

    Love the 'smart' CheckboxSelectionModel works a charm,

    Just reading your usage and noticed the excel option is documented as false by default.
    However in your code v1.7 it's set to true.

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