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  1. I hear ya brother!!

    Been trying to figure this stuff out all week too. Found your post and realized I am not totally useless at this sencha stuff.

    It really should be flagged this stuff doesn't work (somewhere people...
  2. Replies

    I have the same question

    Adding user and their details IS exactly what I want to do as well!

    But if you tell me that I still won't be any closer. There is probably a simple button or set of fields in the IO dashboard for...
  3. Where and when to I access my refs

    Given the above code where and when would I gain access to the automatically generated getter and setter functions?

    Can I gain access in a subsequent function I designed myself? I'm not clear on...
  4. Controller references NOT working in Sencha Designer


    I am trying to follow the example from the 'first look' vimeo video (

    I am trying to follow the example but have hit a brick wall when it...
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