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  1. just an update, we were able to use IFrame.js in the ux folder. Thanks for the tip!
  2. it's funny that that file links to the ux.managediframe for extjs 3.x, and says for serious iframe work, use it.
  3. no, I wasn't even aware of it...thanks! I'll check it out.
  4. I just got a response in the ext premium forums, that I don't understand.

    As far as I know, creating a view in architect, where a window has a fit layout, then a grid child is the only way you can...
  5. yes, I'm bumping....we are still stuck at 4.0.7, and rely on this extension
  6. oh, I did see I missed the multidom.js file, but that has nothing to do with widget/usertr1.js

    I fixed that.
  7. no, that is a separate issue...
    it works just fine before architect 2.2 upgrades it.

    the 404 not found is a file that has never existed....why is extjs trying to make a call to that file?
  8. ok, you have mail :-)

    also, we noticed while doing a save project as... It didn't pull all the folders in our project to the new location. We had a resources folder, with css folders, and images,...
  9. no, we didn't see anything that jumped out. just that url 404 not found.
    I'm sending you a personal message now with url specifics, and login credentials.
  10. it's too large to attach, we are going to publish the nonworking post upgraded project to our production server under another directory.
    I'll send you a personal message with login credentials, so...
  11. no, we don't...the error is only reproduced after touching the project with architect 2.2
    We have the project checked into subversion.

    If we check it out, open it in architect 2.1, make a change,...
  12. we didn't upgrade it, architect upgraded the project automatically....but we didn't upgrade the extjs library. It's still at 4.0.7, with a library path pointing to cachefly commercial
  13. Architect upgraded, and wanted to upgrade our stable application when I went in to look at something.
    After it upgraded, and we tried to look at it in the web server(tomcat6), we got a call to a...
  14. I got this error while setting the params on a function inside my controllers branch in project inspector.
    TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'this.opening.update')

    I just...
  15. so what is everyone else subscribed to this thread doing, that needs to upgrade to 4.1.x?
  16. I'm launching an iframe window, with the print button in the toolbar. It prints image files just fine, but when a pdf is loaded, the print button does not work. Any suggestions?

    here is what the...
  17. here is a screenshot
    windows 8, but it shouldn't matter, right?
    downloaded from the sencha desktop packager site yesterday, with name:

  18. that did not work for me, just propnted activation again
  19. yes, the instructions say it is possible, but the iopackage is not doing what these instuctions say:!/guide/licensing-section-1
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    I saw another thread titled the same thing, but didn't see any answer to why you can't specify width as a percentage, as a layout allows...

    example is the border layout. One of the examples...
  21. My extjs 4.1.1 apps won't load, with multidom.js
    Please advise, need this desperately!
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    we need a tips and tricks section for architect :-)
    although, I would have looked at it when getting started, and been ignorant, as it is updated.
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    that is awesome!!!
    I had no idea you could override built in functions that this new?
    That tells me I may have overrides in places, where this would have worked...

    I get the nice...
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    I have to get this done, and since there is no premium help for architect, I need someone from sencha to comment.

    Even if I have to do this outside of architect...
    If I do have to go outside of...
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    in fact, how would you override anything, that you can't promote to class?
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