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    Well, you can't open each doc in a new tab, as the menu links don't have a href, and the mouse wheel click won't open a new tab, but open the link in the same page. And even if it would, it disrupts...
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    Hi Nick and all,

    I haven't followed all the discussion (so sorry if repeating some things), but here are my issues with the new docs.

    1. When I click a class, it opens a brand new page, so it's...
  3. And here is the proper fix in the code:

    // Private utility class that manages the internal Shadow cache
    Ext.Shadow.Pool = function() {
    var p = [],
    markup = Ext.isIE ?...
  4. There is a IE9 related bug in Ext 3.3.1, in widgets/Shadow.js, line 193.
    This line does the following:

    sh = Ext.get(Ext.DomHelper.insertHtml("beforeBegin", document.body.firstChild, markup));
  5. Also a fix to the above code. Note that in the above code, rows are rendered in proper order, but in the store they are in different order, so when listening to events on the gridpanel, such as...
  6. Hi,

    a grouping view with a store which has remoteSort: true, does not work. I mean the groups are misleading, and there will often appear more thatn one group with the same title.
    I have...
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    The function can be called by whoever has a reference to it. I can be called with any number of params, since javascript is loosely typed and functions can be called with any number of parameters....
  8. var store = new{
    data: [['Ray',1],['Matthew',2]],
    fields: [
    {name: 'Name', type: 'string'},
    {name: 'Id'}
    sortInfo: {
    field: 'Name',
    direction: 'DESC'//...
  9. The sortInfo works also for an ArrayStore. It if there for all types of stores extending
  10. On the store of your grid, specify

    //other configs
    sortInfo: {
    field: 'fieldName',
    direction: 'ASC' // or 'DESC' (case sensitive for local...
  11. See 'sortInfo' Store config
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    The way you have defined the myObject object, it receives a reference to myfun, and myfun is not automatically called.
    You can call myfun on myObject by doing myObject.someFun(p1,p2)
  13. Thanks Condor! The docs are silent about this, so thanks for sharing! It works this way!
  14. Hi,

    I have found a serious bug in FormPanel. Reproduces in both Ext 3.3.0 and 3.3.1.

    Run the following code on the ExtJS examples page:

    var form;
    var w = new Ext.Window({
    height: 400,...
  15. Thank you for pointing this out!
  16. Masking the bwrap is a better solution, as Doug said, it also masks toolbars. Yet I still think this should be considered a bug :)
    Probably I will have more time next week to investigate and hope...
  17. I'm trying to mask a window while an Ajax call is in progress. I can work around this in different ways, but the bug remains and it is quite important.
    The problem is that the 'el' of a window is...
  18. Hi,

    I have found a HUGE bug in masking windows.

    Go and open
    click 'show window'

    Than using Firebug take a reference to the...
  19. Hm... I see what you mean. I'll look for a solution to that as well -in any case, it's quite a rare situation.
    Well, even in that case, the user can navigate only to the first element (in...
  20. Thank you for the list :) I forgot the others, and didn't know about contentEditable, designMode and tabIndex things.
    Yet in an common ExtJS application where one uses components mainly instead of...
  21. Hi Condor,

    after a bit more thinking I have come up with a solution to this, based on the above partial fix. This time it's a complete fix and as far as I have tested, it works smoothly.
    I based...
  22. Hi,

    I have found an important bug, here is the description:

    When showing a modal window, using keyboard navigation it is possible to access buttons/menus/components from under the modal dialog,...
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    Hi all,

    I have noticed a very bad performance in the store.remove() method. Trying to remove an array of 200+ records freezes Firefox and gives the "Unresponsive script" dialog.

    Try this on the...
  24. Well, after a search, I have found the same bug already reported at Hope it will be fixed in the future...
  25. Hi,

    I have noticed an issue in the store insert() method. Here is the code.

    insert : function(index, records){
    records = [].concat(records);
    for(var i = 0, len =...
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