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    Hi, everyone. I have a problem when I use TabPanel, I put four tabs on tabBar, the tabs lie on center of tabBar, the screen is 1000px, and all tabs width are only 300px. Now, I want tabs fill all...
  2. Hello, everyone! I am using ExtJs in my programming. Now, I am puzzled by "prototype".
    Who can give me some document about prototype or tell me how to use prototype.
    Thanks! Best wishes!
  3. Hello, everyone! Now, I am using jbpm in my OA project, and I want to design a jbpm workflow designer with extjs, who can give me some help or suggestions? Thanks a lot!!
  4. First of all, I am very glad to join Ext JS Community.
    I am learning and using the extjs. Now, I am puzzled when I understand the "extend" function in the Ext class. Who can give me some...
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