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  1. senchauser2010, can you please post your code?? Cause I'm trying to make something similar, a panel that has 3 vbox items on portrait mode and 2 vbox items on landscape mode(with other stuff).. But i...
  2. I'm already trying to do something like this with sencha..
    For the css class you could ever verify if a device is a Phone or not with the method and apply a new css with the addCls...
  3. If you want to read rss (therefore an XML instead of a Json) you can take a look on this:

    but i have to warn you that XMLReader can't read...
  4. LOL....

    sorry, I've just missed last part of your post cause I tried your code immediatly....

    Waiting for next release..

    TNX a lot for your work.
  5. Do you mean it already works or it will work as soon as the next release will be released?
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    I really need it too...
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    it seems it's already unsolved... i got the same issue...
  8. I got the same issue...

    Have you solved it or someone have founded any solution?
  9. any news with this issue on 1.0RC..

    Have you solved the association problem???
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    TNX a lot, I'll try immediatly...
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    Hi everyone,
    i'm trying to obtain a TabPanel with a table inside, this table is populated from an external XML file... (or Json, it doesn't matter)
    XML's content is updated every 3 second and i'd...
  12. The second one worked for me... Add an orientationChange function called back by an onWindowResize event and show/hide panels you need showed/hidden on every orientation change.

    PS: don't forget...
  13. Up!!
  14. I Made dIta as a TabPanel cause after i solve this issue i have to duplicate it on 2 tabs more..
  15. I'm trying to make an Ext.Panel that has a 'vbox' layout when the phone is on portrait and a 'hbox' layout if i rotate it on lanscape mode...

    Any suggestion??

    This is my code:

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