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  1. Same problem here!
  2. Has this Extension been tested with ExtJS4.1? I am migrating to 4.1 and want to make sure everything works fine.
    Thanks your your hints :)
  3. Same problem here!
  4. Does no one else got this problem? oO
  5. Looks like the Tabs are also broken!
    First one is how it looked with older version of ExtJS, second one how it looks in RC1 and last one how it looks without customizations in style. The tabs are...
  6. Hi guys,

    I updated to RC1 today and I found two problems with the design. The button text is not centered anymore and in the combobox the "selector" to the right is missing. The first one is how...
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    I got a question. Can someone tell me what the different of those files is? of course I know, that debug should only be used in testing systems and w-comments means that there are comment for...
  8. +1 !!!
    What if I would not just render the name, but also the percentage of the piece? is there any way to manage that right now with ExtJS 4.07. or 4.1beta?
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    Same problem here :( Here is some code:

    <div id="ChartDiv"></div><script language="javascript" type="text/javascript"> var appConfig = { appFolder: '/Scripts/Stp/Charts/app' };</script><script...
  10. And here a screenshot from the examples where the same problem exists (between January and May):
  11. Just another note: if I got two pieces, where one got 0 "items", the chart is rendered completely wrong:
    The Pie is placed completely wrong!

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.1 beta2

    Browser versions tested against:
  13. *Push*

    The ability to set a max width of a bar in a chart would be great. Also a minimum width would be cool, when scrolling would be enabled.
  14. Autocomplete: +1 :)
  15. With 4.1b2 it works fine.

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 4.0.7
  17. Hm. I changed all stores to use the rootProperty.
  18. I will do it in ~16 hours, when I'm back in work :)
  19. If it helps you, I would send you my project...
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    Oh. Sorry my vault. I saw the following in the Q&A Forum for ExtJS 4.x:

    Announcement: Ext JS 4.1 Beta 2 Now Available!mitchellsimoens

    Views: 11,174
    23 Dec 2011

    Thats why I thought it's...
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    The beta2 has been released in the last year. When will the beta3/RC be released?
  22. Why does the Designer generate generator.* file instead of index.* files?
  23. Hi guys,

    I updated to the current SD2 version today. Now I got the problem, that in the preview (phone canvas) I often see a blank page, instead of the panel-content. In the previous version I...
  24. Cool, that worked :) But I got two questions now...
    Does the function
    handleButtonTap get called on every button click? If so, can I reduce it to only one button with something like 'button...
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    Okay, the reader warning does not appear anymore. But I had to set the new property in every reader to make it run again :-/
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