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    Take a look at this fiddle:
    I commented out the "views: ['main']" because I didn't have that code from you.

    That seems to work. Do you get any errors when you try running your project?
  2. Yeah I am seeing the errors pop up as well.
  3. If you'd like to try an image gallery, you can do something like this mosaic:
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    So you just want to customize what content is in each button component? I don't think I fully understand what you want to accomplish still.

    If you want the buttons in the message box to be actual...
  5. When you say extending itself, why are you trying to do that? Is there any other details or code you can share?
  6. Is this with a specific project? Does it work with a newly generated app?
  7. Check this topic out:

    You can use that to set your interval to what you want.
  8. I copied the mountainview.css into a fiddle. It seems to have done most of the job. The fiddle seems to be picking up part of the sencha-touch.css in the tabBar items. If this were built as a...
  9. Just going on a whim here, but maybe you should try requiring the Ext.TabPanel in your application on launch. There could be something where if it doesn't initially see it is required or inherently...
  10. I don't think there is anything wrong with tab panels themselves. I haven't looked into it much, but it might just be the stylesheet that tries to emulate android's look and feel.
  11. To go along with what shepsii said, you can follow the Packaging guides that are available on the Sencha Touch 2.3.1 docs.

    Here are the actual guides:
    Native Packaging for Mobile Devices...
  12. Your touch code seems to look okay. I tried it in Sencha Fiddle and it worked as I assumed it should. Have you tried it without using the mountainview stylesheet and using the default sencha touch...
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    Looking at the source code of Ext.viewport.Default, I saw an updateSize(width, height) method but that didn't seem to overwrite the document's actual height. I then tried adjusting the window's...
  14. Take a look at this thread:
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    You can use the javascript function setInterval to repeatedly execute a function over a delay.

    var count = 0;
    setInterval(function() {
    console.log('test ' + count);
    }, 1000);...
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    If you want to apply the CSS when the component is initialized, you can certainly wrap the title text of the NavView's item with a span element and apply the style there:

    title: '<span...
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    I only found those in the source code. They weren't in the docs.
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    When the Titlebar is initialized, it looks like it creates a left, center, and right box. If the item has an align config equal to 'left' it will get added to the left box, similarly with a 'right'...
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    Can you console.log the currentCard value and see what gets printed? Or log the Ext.getCmp('sampleToolbar') and make sure that is actually referencing your toolbar correctly?

    I made up this...
  20. If you look at my post, there should be a button to 'Mark as Answer'
  21. If you can reference your button with either its ItemId or some other selector, you can use Ext.ComponentQuery.query to help you out. Once you have a reference, you can call the button's setText...
  22. It seems the labelCls config get's overwritten when the program is run, so you couldn't add a class with a display:none property. I suggest you look into extending the Textfield class with the label...
  23. You can listen for a keyup event from the textfield and use the keyCode to determine which key was pressed.

    Something like:

    listeners: {
    keyup: function(field, event){
  24. This is what I have been referencing for Touch and Cmd:!/guide
  25. You had a 'centered' config on one of the buttons which added a different css style to it that overwrote the flex configs and layout you specified. You would want an 'auto' margin on the left and...
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