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    For ExtJS 5, see!/api/Ext.Component-cfg-loader
  2. Steps to reproduce:
    1. Create an editable grid, with a column whose editor is a combo box. Bind a store with some records, to this editor. See for a full...
  3. Hmm. It still appears broken for me. There are no orders in the list when I go to the page below:

    The customer.php file is...
  4. In which version is it working as expected?
  5. Here's the relevent code from, where remoteFilter is set to false.

    config = Ext.apply({}, storeConfig, {
    model : associatedModel,
  6. In summary:

    not working:...
  7. In 4.2, it appears the Lazy Loading Associations demo is broken (all browsers). When the page loads, there is no data in the grid.
  8. I need to set the 'id' property of the <table> html element of a grid panel, for use with a testing tool.

    When I set 'id' in the grid config, a lot of the div components get id values based on...
  9. By the way, we have been using the following workaround. Add the following code to a base class that extends Ext.panel.Panel and use it for all your panels instead of Ext.panel.Panel:

  10. Using 4.0.7.

    When a collapsible panel is collapsed by clicking the collapse tool/icon, it disappears after the collapse animation completed. This happens on FF 8.0, IE 7.0 and Chrome 15.0.

  11. Yes, thank you.
  12. Using Ext 4.0.7-gpl

    It appears there is a bug in the getter created by

    If the associated model instance is already loaded, it is returned:

  13. I'd like to use the "ignoreNoChange" config of Ext.Editor for the cell editors in my grid panel. What is the correct way to set up the config for the grid panel? I assumed I could just add a config...
  14. Using 4.0 beta-1 as of Apr 4.

    ServerProxy has code like this is getParams():

    if (pageParam && page) {
    params[pageParam] = page;

    if (startParam &&...
  15. Using beta-1.

    By default, a combobox will have a value of [] (empty array). Also, calling setValue(undefined) will set the value to [] instead of undefined.

    This is rather unexpected, since the...
  16. Thanks. I've confirmed things are working using only a form.reset(), with beta 1.
  17. Currently, bootstrap.js checks for a host name of exactly "localhost" to determine development mode. However, this doesn't work if running locally with a port number (such as grails, which runs at...
  18. Originally posted in Help forum.

    Using Ext 4.0-beta-1.

    I have a combo box whose value I would like to clear as a result of a user action. I can successfully "clear" the combo box so that it ...
  19. Can you explain what you mean by "anything that deals with the DOM"? Does that mean that I should be instantiating all of my components in the onReady() method? I thought that's wasn't a good idea.
  20. Using 4.0-beta-1.

    When creating a GridPanel, scroll bars will not show up unless the grid itself is instantiated within the Ext.onReady() method.

    To reproduce:
    1. Load up code below with Ext...
  21. Moderator: Please move this to the bug fourm for Ext 4.x. I did not know whether this was a bug when I originally created the thread.
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    Links to "Ext.define", as appear in the doc for Ext.extend, are broken. They correctly link to the Ext.define.html file, but the file itself contains a CouchDB error message, rather than the expected...
  23. After digging around in the Ext 4 source code and trying various options, I found a workaround.

    It appears that the root of the problem is in ComboBox.setValue(). This method ignores empty values...
  24. Using Ext 4.0 pr 3.

    I have a combo box whose value I would like to clear as a result of a user action. I can successfully "clear" the combo box so that it visually appears to be cleared, but after...
  25. If that is the case, where should users post their general how-to questions?
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