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  1. We saw unusual behavior in code that read a date string into a field of type 'date'. Date values for March 10 between 2:00 am and 2:59 were reported in IE7 &8 as 1:00 to 1:59. It looks like IE (and...
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    I can't get qclass to work. Below is a simple example. I'm using 3.4 so I don't know if this was fixed in 4.

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;...
  3. This worked for me:


    function(storeName, data){
    var theStore =;
    var proxy = theStore.getProxy();
    var reader =...
  4. I saw this possible bug in Observable (ver 4.0.4):
    at line 184
    managedListeners = me.managedListeners = me.managedListeners || [],

    Expected an identifier and instead saw '='
  5. When will 4.0.4 be available for download?
  6. replace this.view with this.getCmp().view in 2 places within the toggleRow function

    toggleRow: function(rowIdx) {
    var rowNode = this.getCmp().view.getNode(rowIdx); ///BECKY
    var row =...
  7. My intention is to replace all data. I just don't want to change the underlying structure in the process. It is a subtle change, but it doesn't make sense, that on the initial load, my data is...
  8. I have a memory store that is defined as follow:

    Ext.define('', {
    extend: '',
    model: 'EDD.model.RefreshRateModel',
  9. thanks - it probably is a bug
  10. I did some debugging. I can see that there is a 'phantom.exe' calling ext-app-builder.js to create the jsb file. The error is generated after the ext-app-builder.js is called. 'ext-app-builder.js'...
  11. Unfortunately we don't have a lot more information. When you want to use the Sencha builder you first call 'sencha create jsb -a index.html -p app.js'. This creates a jsb3 file which is then used...
  12. We started getting the following error: undefined:0 TypeError: 'null' is not an object when we call 'sencha create'. If we leave our controller out of the required list then we don't get the error,...
  13. You need to ignore the delete. It's just not delelting some temporary files that you can do manually. You need this fix:

    Change line 161 from:
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    That's basically what I'm doing. See my full config below. I found there is a bug with colors and the column and area charts. I've reported and you can unzip attachment and copy to ext js 4...
  15. We've had bad luck using the Sencha SDK jsbuilder to create a minified file, so I tried using the script I usually use to create a minified file for our JavaScript applications. My script just...
  16. Thanks - We've found a couple of bugs in charting, so I guess we'll gather them up and open a support ticket.
  17. Please move it if it will help to get it fixed, but I did post in the bugs forum on Friday and didn't hear anything....
  18. I seem to be getting the same error even in the new directory.

    O:\devel\v1.0\web\nonproduction\DEPLOY\EdDashboard>sencha create jsb -a index.html -p myapp.jsb3 -v
    uncaught exception:...
  19. <see title>
  20. I'm running the sencha create to create the jsb and getting this error:

    uncaught exception: Stream:"Could not open the pipe" (exec://ext-app-builder --app-entry index.html --project myapp.jsb3
  21. I found a bug with column and area charts.
    The column and area chart are using the first color in the color array instead of the colors corresponding to their position in the series. This is...
  22. The column and area chart are using the first color in the color array instead of the colors corresponding to their position in the series. This is reflected in both the fill color of the series and...
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    I'm trying to to get the effect in the first chart (with orange) with themes, but it's not working. I had to use render on the series to get the orange. The theme for charts is not...
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    This link is broken
    Does that mean Date is no longer supported?
  25. I have a View that displays data that is got from a store


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