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  1. Just a note, I had to update the code that Animal provided very slightly in order to allow for ampersands within the data. As follows:

    Ext.override(, {
    asXml :...
  2. Brilliant, thanks! Just what I needed.

    Animal's post can be found here:

    I think this would be really handy to have integrated...
  3. Hey Guys,

    I'm about to implement an EditableGrid for a project I'm working on. I have most of the code working now, and am about to send the results of edited cells to the server for...
  4. Solved it.

    using handler rather than checkHandler did the trick :-|


    text: 'Fourth Choice',
    depth: 4,
  5. Hey Guys,

    I've been totally stumped by some radio options. They exist in a menu, and seem to be firing twice when clicked. I'll summarise the code...

    Within my toolbar I have the...
  6. I had an almost idenical problem yesterday.

    I haven't run your code, although I think if you take the following part of your code:

    innerLayout.add('west', new Ext.ContentPanel('inner1',...
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    Thanks guys, exactly what I was after! :)

    Thanks again.

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    Hey Guys,

    The Ext based application that I'm currently working on has grown to the stage where I need to start building elements dynamically. From what I can tell, Ext.Element is what I want...
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