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    It might be related to an Ajax.request leak
  2. Well that's a completely different issue. See
  3. In touch/src/env/Feature.js, comment out lines 28-45. Then rebuild.

    This will cause a regression on IE 10.
  4. Let's see the new code.

    You could also try creating a controller with proper reference and control configurations.
  5. Try putting your onButtonTap listener directly into the listener config.
  6. It's a problem with the UI configuration parameter (in Ext.Msg). If you specify

    ui: 'plain'

    (or 'dark', or 'light')

    or setUi('plain') or setUi('dark'), etc.
  7. Is this an application you ported from a previous version of Sencha Touch? If so, you need to recompile your scss file(s).
  8. It looks like you're calling push() on a container. I think what you want to do is push the new imagecontainer to that container's items, with

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    Add an itemCls to your slot:

    data = //some data
    title = 'Choose this';
    slots = [{
    name: 'slotname',
    title: title,
  10. Oh, yes, I see. He's using statically loaded data, so this is a good way to do it.
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    Post your full code
  12. Does



    Also, you shouldn't use a field called 'id' in the model. It conflicts with the internal ID that ST uses.
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    Yes, components are high-level objects, whereas DOM elements are lightweight
  14. Yes, but what you'd have to do is add logic in to your itemTpl that outputs a specific parameter / attribute for each of the four lists, and then you could use that in your control / ref selector in...
  15. Since you know the div's id, you could use
  16. There won't be any errors reported, because it's not a bug with your code. The production microloader is broken in 2.2.0-alpha.
  17. Have you tried building your own instance of, and then setting it with YourApplication.setHistory() ?
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    Have you tried changing your 'id' field in the model to something else, like 'primaryID'?

    I believe there's a problem if you use a field called 'id' in your model
  19. Load the development version of your app in a browser. Open the development console and look for warnings from the loader. They will be something like "synchronously loading class FOO, you should...
  20. That's just the browser caching those assets in its internal cache.

    If you *really* want to reload them every time, use query parameters after each asset name, where the query parameter changes...
  21. Post the code for your view. It's possible there's something wrong with the way the store is specified in the view's configuration.
  22. Remove the manifest entry in the index.html

    A brute force attempt is to call localStorage.clear() in your application's launch method. Of course, that will also blow away anything else you're...
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    The first parameter that's passed in to your itemtap listener is a reference to the list itself. Call getParent() on that reference to get its parent
  24. Agreed, since it's pointless to eval the loaded assets in a temporary context
  25. I've measured a lot of performance metrics for scrolling in, 2.1.0, 2.1.1, and 2.2.0-alpha

    I have seen the biggest delta improvement in 2.1.1 -> 2.2.0-alpha, so I suspect you're right.
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