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  1. Hi, I'm wathing my app in Sencha Architect and I have a simple question.
    Should I activate one of these options to fix the problem?

    I have to build the app as soon as possible.
    Thanks for your...
  2. Hi, I'm working on

    SA version:
  3. Hi, thanks for sharing the information israel.Regards
  4. Hi, I'm using

    SA version:
  5. Hi Brian,

    no reason to use a "menu component".
    I start use ExtJS 1 month ago.
    I the past I used Sencha Touch only.
    Thanks for the tips! Works well.
  6. Hi Brian, yes that's exactly my problem!

    I can extend this strange behaviour to other panel events.

    I attach a screenshot to explain better my app.

    Border region width 4 panel: north, west,...
  7. Hi I create a simple menu with ExtJS 5.1.0 using Sencha Cmd

    The component is very simple.

    There is a panel component with a accordion layout.
    Each item has a menu component with x...
  8. Hi, I'm using SA on mac 10.9.5

  9. Hi, now everything works fine.I think it was a temporary problem. Regards
  10. I'm looking for the ExtJS documentation but all ExtJs documentation URL return "file not found".
  11. Hi, I don't think this problem is related to XDS architect's file.

    If I run from the console (not from architect) in the root folder

    sencha -info app run native

    I get the error described...
  12. Hi I deleted the new Cmd version folder as described before.

    But if I ran (because of this) from the root project folder the command

    sencha -info app run native

    I receive this error:
  13. Hi, check your uuid ios device,

    connect it to you mac and open itunes, then compare the uuid returns from your app and with the real one. Are they same?

    in iOS the...
  14. Hi Jacko, the problem is a bug inside SA.

    The app.json file, for example

    "builds": { "native": {
    "id": "com.mydomain.MyApp",
    "packager": "cordova",
    "cordova" : {
  15. Hi I just upgraded Sencha Architect to the last version but the app.json overwrite problem is still there.


    Here my platform detail (Mac os 10.9.4)

  16. Hi Jacko, thanks for sharing the information.

    Right now I can't build Android build from Sencha Architect (because of this bug).
    I'm afraid to build the app using the console inside a sencha...
  17. Hi

    Do you mean /User/my-user/bin/Sencha/Cmd/ folder?

    Thanks for your support.
  18. Hi, I just read this thread started by aconran.

    My SA use Cmd (SA > "About sencha architect") but if I open a shell and I run

    sencha whichSencha Cmd v5.0.1.231...
  19. Hi is there any workaround in the maintime?
    I have to build a new app very soon :)

    Thanks for your support
  20. Hi, I just upgrade SA to the last version:

  21. Replies
    Hi, I'm using Architect

  22. Replies
    Hi Jason, I fix my build problem using Cordova.
    Hope this help.

  23. Replies
    Hi there, I have a big problem to fix, and seems that sencha cmd 5.0 is the solution.
    Do you have any sencha architect 3.1 release date?
    I don't understand how can I run cmd 4.x and cmd 5.x side by...
  24. I'm interested here too.
  25. I fix the signing problem installing Command Line Tool from

    Xcode > Preference > Downloads > Command line tools.

    Hope this help.

    Best regards.
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