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  1. Best way for expanding Panel by drag-over

    Hi everybody.

    Similar to this example I want to create a collapsible panel that expands when you drag stuff over the placeholder and collapsed...
  2. Hi, Cool, it works fine. Thanks for fast...


    Cool, it works fine.
    Thanks for fast reply!

    The source of the error was:

    Our 'application' (it's more a framework than an application) is build as a package to be available for our...
  3. Best practice creating universal apps

    Hi everyone,

    I have some questions about creating an universal app. Not sure if I understood the concept correctly.

    Currently I often have somthing like in this example...
  4. DateField validating minValue/maxValue using ViewModel

    Ext version tested:

    Ext 6.0.2

    Browser versions tested against:


  5. Hey,thanks for reply! No, the width of the...

    Hey,thanks for reply!

    No, the width of the inputfields is customizable in backend and is send from server.

    There is no need for dynamically change.I could solve this problem manually by taking...
  6. Hi,thanks for fast reply.Removing the growMax...

    Hi,thanks for fast reply.Removing the growMax setting only helps to remove the scrollbars.But the position of the picker-item still looks strange and the width of the input-field (including the...
  7. Table layout stretching content to match table cell

    Hi everyone,

    I have a problem with a form like in this example .

    The form has to be rendered in table layout because it's customizable by users and has to...
  8. TagField - width and maxWidth ignored

    Hi everybody,

    Similiar to this example I want to build a TagField that uses a width/maxWidth-config to avoid horizontal growing.

    If the containing items...
  9. Accessing triggers via keyboard

    Hi everybody,

    I want to know how to create a simple Textfield containing multiple Triggers that can be accessed via keyboard.

    Similar to this example ( I...
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