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  1. it is import...

    it is import com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.form.SimpleComboBox;

    I tried option like setShadow(false)...but not working, still i am finding shadow..

    I am using gxt 2.2.1...Please suggest me...
  2. Remove Shadow which appears on expand of SimpleComboBox

    I want to remove the shadow which appears on expand on SimpleComboBox.
    I get the shadow as attached image.

    below is my code
    private SimpleComboBox<String> getSimpleComboBox(List<String>...
  3. SimpleCoboBox inside EditorGrid not displaying initial Value

    I am not getting the initial Value for Light Column and after clicking and selecting only it starts displaying.

    also, for column account Name, I am not able to make it display as String. where I...
  4. SimpleComboBox inside CellEditor not displaying initial Value

    why for column Light, data is not displayed initially, After clicking on combobox and then when I select something at that time only it starts displaying, I mean it should display like data is...
  5. Hi fschaeffer, Ya, you are right, I was not...

    Hi fschaeffer,

    Ya, you are right, I was not aware of the feature you mention.

    Let me check that.

    Thanks a lot for help.
  6. How to get TextField value from the Grid

    I have one one Grid which contain 4 column and somewhere column contain TextField and somewhere ComboBox, I achieved this by calling renderer for particular ColumnConfig.
    Each row is haveing one...
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