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  1. There are multiple grids in my tabpanel. While the data is loading, I mark each grid with a load mask using
    grid.setLoading( true );
    After a grid has received its data, I remove the load mask...
  2. The solution is:

  3. I am trying to display a loading mask onto my panels.
    Using view.setLoading() as well as view.mask() leads to problems:

    setLoading() is not locked to the panel/view. If you drag the...
  4. How to hide or remove the green helping line that appears on drop zones?

    It appears when dragging a grid to another grid to drop it there.

  5. Yes it is during load/configure.

    Currently I solve it by .commit() all the records and .completeEdit() the plugin.

    Is there a better way?
  6. I made it by adding

    layout: 'fit'

    width: 100

    to the combobox.

    łþ$%ðøſłđ³ !!!
  7. Using Extjs 4.1

    in IE 9 my combobox gets displayed in an editable grid (
    Ext.grid.plugin.CellEditing). The problem is, the combobox width is not correct. It is too long and overflowing the grid...
  8. My gridpanel has a store and uses the cellediting plugin.

    When I reload my grid via loadData(), I also reconfigure() my grid's columns and call my model's setFields().

    So while this is...
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    Try the properties:



  10. I have the same problem with a tab not being rendered although using this property.
  11. You can set a loading mask by calling this method on a view:

    myView.setLoading( true );

    After your loading or on demand call this remove it:

    myView.setLoading( false );
  12. Start a new thread. Post more code and is there an error msg?
  13. Found the solution. I need to wait for the store to get loaded. Is is a Jasmine issue:

    runs( function() { oStore.on( 'load', function() { bStoreLoaded = true; ...
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    Check this post:

    ext-all: minified, no JSDoc, no console warnings
    ext-all-debug: non-minified, with JSDoc, no console warnings
    ext-all-dev: non-minified, with JSDoc, with console warnings
  15. Hi,

    you can use lid instead of id.

    Give every item an lid, say lid='abc'.

    Then from each window, call this to get the item:

  16. I am testing my ExtJs App with Jasmine. So there is no views involved.

    I want to expand several nodes, but first my root node. But even expanding that node fails.

    I create my TreeStore, then:
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    Thanks man. removeAll(false); was the solution I was looking for 2 days now...........................
  18. Ok I got it.

    I tried to run it on localhost (file:///...) THIS does not work.

    However on a webserver it did work. Weird.
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    Ok i have given up on this.
  20. Can someone verify that the State Provider works with Chrome?

    I have tested the example ("examples/state") coming with Extjs release 4.1 and release 4.1rc2 and it did work with Firefox but not...
  21. Thanks guys.
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    How do I serialize an ExtJs object like a container?

    var oContainer = Ext.create( 'Ext.container.Container', {
    layout : 'fit'
    ,width : oWindowDiv.getWidth()...
  23. Short: I just want to.

    Long: If I dont need certain events anymore in my app, I want to remove them, so that they cannot be used anymore.

    Why is that impossible?
  24. Hello,

    I know there is a function "un" resp. "removeListener" for removing event handler, but how do I remove the event registered with "addEvent"?

  25. Pardon? I did not get it.
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