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  1. Thanks. This fix will be in 2.3.
  2. This will be fixed in 2.3. Thanks for reporting!
  3. Floating panels (sheets, panels, message boxes) are always white in the windows theme, even if you are using the dark version. However there were issues with the colour of the buttons, as seen in...
  4. This is working with the latest Touch 2.1.1. Please ensure your inputPath in the packager.json is pointing to the build/native folder, or alternatively run the following command:
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    While it would be nice to have this, I think adding a few extra KB of random code/lines to the file just to have this work is a little extreme. Thanks for the suggestion though.
  6. Thanks for the report.

    This should already be fixed in 2.2, but I've made the change to the latest 2.1 branch, so it will be in 2.1.2.
  7. Thanks for the report and fix. This will be fixed in 2.2.

    Thank you!
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    Unfortunately we do not support this layout when used within fieldsets. You will have to modify your CSS appropriately to ensure it looks as expected.
  9. Fixed, thank you!
  10. This is fixed in Sencha Touch 2.1 which is soon to be released. You can get the latest RC here:

  11. This seems to be an issue with onAfter not working correctly. Looking into it.

  12. Thanks for the report. Fixed for the next release. :)
  13. Sorry about that, I should have read your post properly. :)

    I'll investigate and get back to you. Thanks.
  14. The brightness function takes one parameter which is a color. You are passing it a percentage which is why compass spits an error. It returns the brightness of a specified color.

    If you want to...
  15. Thanks for the report. Fixed for the next release.
  16. I can't seem to reproduce this using 2.1. Could you please verify.

  17. You can change this in 2.0.1 by setting the defaultTabletPickerConfig config.

    We cannot remove the height because we now use CSS layouts, so the list height cannot be known.
  18. Sorry for the delay in responding.

    I would look at the DOM structure and check directly what elements you need to modify, instead of using the SASS variable.
  19. Thanks for the fix.
  20. Hi there,

    I've looked into this issue and I cannot reproduce it using our default theme on any device.

    Are you using a custom theme? Perhaps something in that is interfering with the tap mask?
  21. The fix should be in 2.1 already.

    If you need a direct patch, you will need to go through support. Just link them to this thread.
  22. Fixed for the next beta. :)
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    This is also working, but I've added a unit test for it anyway.
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    Perhaps this is just an old bug, but I cannot replicate this in the latest SDK. I've added unit tests for this functionality so if it ever breaks again, we will know.

  25. This was horrible to fix. :(

    Input's do not have a special event when the value changes for autocomplete, so we have to hack into the `input` event and work around it to only `change` when it was...
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