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  1. That is the big problem. It would be much easier to do it with the normal sencha button styles.

    thank you for helping
  2. I've tried and that does not work for me, could you please add some code examples.
    thank you so much
  3. What i want is a list of buttons and not a list of imiages.
  4. Hi

    I have a Ext.dataview.List and on top of this view i have dockt a panel with servel items inside which should scroll horizontal.
    The panel scrolls but bounces always back to the start...
  5. Thank you matfin for your help.
    Android had really bad performance with HTML5 in all cases.

    The other problem is, that the naviagtion view does not work.
    So I have a naviagtion View with the...
  6. No, I am using V4.0 an higher.

    I have tested it with Samsung Galaxy 2 and the new Nexus 4 from google.
    In both cases the same error, so there might be another reason for this error?

    Thanks for...
  7. Hi all,

    I have made an iOS and Andoid app with native and webview taps.

    So i placed the sencha touch app on my server and load it inside webview.

    In iOS it is very fast and works very well...
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    i have a view with nestet lists and I am wondering how to add my data into the nested lists.

    Ext.define('app.view.myview', {
    extend: 'Ext.Panel',
  9. This seems to be a sencha touch 2 bug, because the mobile website from google, that has also a input field with a clean button, workes like sencha touch 2 should work!

    Please fix this sencha!
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    is it posible to put a list, or a panel in a listview as a item template (itemTpl)?
    I want to design a horizontal scrolling view that is a item in a listview.
    How can i put an xtype as an item of a...
  11. That is the next problem.

    I have something in the searchfield written and want to delet it. So i have the focus on the textfield and press (X)-Button. After this the searchfield lost the...
  12. Right, and that is the point. Every user press on the done button, because it is the defaut button for finisching something in iOS.

    So, if I don't catche this action, the user will be confused.
  13. I think you do not understand what I want to do, so i uplaoded a picture.

    I have the code that you posted. If i enter something and pressed search. it works but if i press the DONE button, i does...
  14. I have it now in a formpanel but the done button still does not work - here is my code:

    items: [
    xtype: 'formpanel',
    items: [
  15. I just test this and it is wrong. I have a searchfield in a panel and it does not show up a search button, just a enter, and the the doen button just close the keyboard and do nothing more.

  16. I have a search field and I want do write text and finish it with the iPhone keybard button DONE or ENTER. The ENTER button works with the action event but the DONE button can just be used with the...
  17. How can I change the icon, that is shown if I have a listview, and I set the disclosure on? As default it is an arrow but I want a filled triangle.

    How can i do that?

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    I have a navigation view, an after pushing an other view on the root view, there is a back button which is like an arrow.

    My question is, is it posible to change the back button form to a...
  19. Dear Sencha Touch Team

    I have a problem with my NavigationView.
    The first time i add a second view, the back button is just 2px width. The second time it is normal, just the first time failes.
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