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    What happened to Jack?

    I think the story should be told because he was key to so much of extjs.
  2. A router for Rack would cover most Ruby Frameworks
  3. I'd be interested in seeing Ext.Direct for Sinatra also
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    FWIW, most of my work is with Ruby on Rails.

    In that framework, the emphasis is on the serverside to review, validate, strip, and encode data received from the browser before storing on the server...
  5. Thanks hendricd!

    BTW, I couldn't find the 'events' config item documented anywhere - do you have a link?


  6. An alternative to adding this config item would be to automatically create a new custom event when a listener registers for an event that hasnt yet been registered.
  7. I agree its subtle.

    In my app, I'm building up a repository which hold reusable configs - it seems to be overkill to create a new class when all I need is an existing class with some custom events...
  8. An example here
  9. Hi, just using your code as an example for my custom event enhancement request B)


    So the new config would be:

  10. Hi,

    I'd like to suggest an enhancement to Ext.Observable [and its subclasses] to allow defining custom events in the config, via an addEvents or customEvents config entry. It would make custom...
  11. Under Firefox 3b5, the following Ext 2.1 example code extract works fine:

    bbar: new Ext.StatusBar({
    defaultText: 'Default status',
    id: 'basic-statusbar',
  12. Just wondering if this has been fixed in the 2.0 release? I couldnt see it specifically mentioned in the changes.txt
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    I'm using the following renderer template:

    renderer: function(value) {
    return '<span class="x-tool icon-help"></span>'

    where icon-help is defined in my css something like:
  14. Excellent work ravyn23259,

    Your css fixed my scrolling form problem in IE,

  15. I'm hitting this issue in 2.0 also! :((
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    I was having a similar problem with fieldsets and anchoring. The solution I found was to add an anchor to the fieldset itself, ie

    title: 'Test Fieldset 1111',...
  17. Hi,

    I usually have to specify the layout in the containing panel/region to force a gridPanel to behave properly, ie

    layout: 'fit',
    items: myGridPanel,
  18. Thanks sfwalter, sonalp,

    Anchoring the fieldset does the trick, either via 'defaults' or explicitly on the fieldset.

  19. Makes perfect sense,

    Thanks Jack.
  20. I'm trying to use anchor fields within a fieldset, and while the fieldset resizes ok, the anchor fields it contains dont resize. I have added a fieldset to the Extjs 2.0 beta 1 "Anchor Layout"...
  21. some more details:

    'newscope' includes the following 3 properties which are missing from 'button1':
    container, el, template

    Also, both newscope.type and button1.type report 'button'
  22. > It works fine for me.

    I'm perplexed now too. I've running both Firefox [with Firebug, so I know the js script versions are 2.0b1] and IE 7.0.6

    I'm happy to try and debug this if you...
  23. Jack, are you saying I should be using another method to get the correct reference for 'button1' to be able to call setText()?
  24. Well, button1.getText() works ok if added to my example code, so I'm unsure why button1.setText() shouldnt work?{title: 'button1.getText()', msg: button1.getText() });
  25. The following page demonstrates my issue, whereby button.setText() doesn't work [as per my expectations] :(( via the scope returned by new Ext.Button() but will work via the scope passed to the click...
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