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  1. Same issue
  2. The event from two weeks ago...?
  3. Welcome to the party. Let me direct you to that discussion.

    From my experience, yes. If anyone else has insight...
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    And if you're pulling from the CDN?
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    I think it's a desire to have more transparency. Clearly it's understandable to *limit the general user's ability to flood the system with tickets. But read-only access would be a start..

    I would...
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    Ah. Yeah, I'd agree that trying to build a bug tracking app with extjs wouldn't be the best use of time. But Aaron's comment about Trac was made over 4 years ago. I've been told they're now using...
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    Not sure I follow that last part, but yes...they use Jira.
  8. So is there anything I can do with that reference? Is there a community-facing bug tracker that I'm missing?
  9. Generated a new workspace and theme package from cmd After clicking a button, it returns to the "over" state and stays there even after mousing away. Clicking again will reset the button...
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    Can I ask if you're trying to extend and flatten out Neptune even more? Because I'm running into a handful of these as well. Seems to be causing issues in versions of IE below 9, where the image...
  11. Anyone get anywhere with this yet?
  12. Originally posted in Community Q&A:

    Was about to post this in Bugs until I received...
  13. Should an extended theme also pick up on the js overrides in ?
  14. Yeah that's practical. I'd definitely agree that the version of KitchenSink that's being used as an example/selling tool should perform as well as possible, but that's not what we're talking about....
  15. Yeah, but again formatted CSS isn't the real appeal. The debug version (KitchenSink-example.css) includes comments pointing to the sass source that generates the classes. This would be a lot more...
  16. Ext vesion: 4.2.1
    Sencha cmd version:

    I generated a fresh theme package, "custom-theme," and changed its package.json to extend neptune. When I build and compare custom-theme's example...
  17. Possible duplicate:
  18. No. Using Chrome 27.0.1453.116 m. Attempting to enable pretty print inside KitchenSink-all.css does nothing, and I think in the past doing this would simply crash Chrome.

    It's also beside the...
  19. workspace > packages > custom-theme > build > theme.html > line 24/25:

    should be:

    This obviously happens every time the package is built. Still getting uncaught reference on...
  20. Yes, I use dev-tools regularly. But having the css presented on a single line is frustrating. I've found the debug version/exploded view really helpful since it provides the exact .scss file and line...
  21. Generated a fresh workspace, then package as the Theming guide describes. Opening "custom-theme/build/example" throws this:

    Am I missing something? Is there a forum post, explanation in the...
  22. I know this might affect performance, but using minified/compressed css and javascript for documentation examples doesn't seem very useful.

    Is there any reason to not go with the more readable...
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    Found cachefly cdn path/reference here:

    Swap "gpl" with "commercial" if you need it.
  24. Anyone able to use glyphs for tree nodes instead of icons?
  25. Just kidding, should have read through the release notes.

    Any moderators out there feel free to close/delete this post.
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